Volunteering at Boomtown is a great way to become a vital part of the our community. If you are interested in working in events, meeting some new people or want to enjoy the festival but get your money back at the end, volunteering is a brilliant way to do all of these. Get a taster of volunteering with us by watching our 2016 volunteers film HERE.


Here’s what some previous volunteers have said…

“Boomtown, my absolute favourite place on earth. The music, the atmosphere, the outrageously fantastic outfits. You’ll get to work with hundreds of likeminded volunteers all who are all there for one reason…. TO HELP PEOPLE to ENJOY THE MUSIC. I love you Boomtown!” Kelly McFee, Winsford

“Volunteering with Boomtown is one of the best ways to enjoy the festival. For starters, you make a load of friends in the secure volunteer campsite when you get to arrive a day before the ticket holders and explore.

The shifts are actually pretty fun, you’re always placed in a pair (you can even request to be with a friend in your application!) and more often than not you’ll be by a stage or busy junction with lots to see. I was even placed at the front of Sector 6 stage, dancing behind the barrier whilst giving out water one year! Your crew wristband gives you access to the crew bar (the best bar, that stays open latest and with cheaper drinks) and also backstage toilets even when you’re not on shift. You still get plenty of time to explore the festival and see bands.

Fancy dress is encouraged (even on shift!), you get food vouchers for meals for each shift you work, and you even get access to plugs for phone charging, tea & coffee and hot showers! Almost like posh glamping! All this, and you essentially get to experience Boomtown for free, as you get your deposit back at the end. Living the festival dream.” Jessi Dimmock, London

“Being fairly new to volunteering at festivals, I was a little apprehensive as what to expect. The support system you have when on shift puts all of that to rest. The supervisors and managers are all extremely helpful. The shifts fly by and are always good fun. You meet some great people and make good friends when on shift. Volunteering at Boomtown is a must!! - Daniel Todd, Huddersfield

Applications to volunteer at Boomtown are now open!

Want to volunteer? Here is what you need to know;

  • A deposit of £280 must be paid to secure your position. We will refund this (less a £15.50 non-refundable admin charge) to you within a month of finishing your shifts once all shifts are completed.
  • We expect you to complete 3 x 8 hour shift over the festival
  • You’ll get access to the crew bar and entertainment… which offers the cheapest pints on site ;)
  • You’ll get one meal voucher per shift worked.
  • You’ll have access to our secure volunteer campsite which is only a short walk from the car park and shuttle bus drop off/pickup point.
  • You’ll have access to toilets & hot showers.
  • You get 24 hour access to the now legendary volunteer welfare facility in the volunteer camping area, providing a place to chill out, grab a free cup of tea/coffee, hang out, meet other volunteers and charge your phone.
  • A team of volunteer managers will be available to help you with absolutely anything whilst you are on site - available 24 hours a day.
  • You can bring in as much booze as you can carry, on your first entry only. We still won’t let glass bottles or unsealed bottles on site, but you can stock up beforehand (no spirits though!)
  • You’ll get a free festival programme once you’ve registered on site.
  • You’ll have the chance to make great friends in one of the most magical settings on earth.

Sound good? Ok, so now you have to decide what volunteer team you would like to apply to - Boomtown Steward or Boomtown Bars?

Boomtown Stewards

Boomtown stewards cover the entire site, so you could find yourself patrolling a campsite, staffing a campsite info hub, keeping an eye on one of our Venues, staffing a Crossing point or greeting members of the public at one of our pedestrian gates and a whole lot more.

As the eyes and ears of the festival, you could be providing information to campers across our districts, ensuring citizens get to where their target destination safely or even keeping an eye on the crowd from the pit in front of one of the main stages! 

Sign up here to be part of the Stewarding Team!

Boomtown Bars

As the name suggests if you apply to join Boomtown’s Bar team, you will be staffing one of the public bars on site.   To apply to be a member of the volunteer team, it’s essential that you have previous experience of working behind a bar. So, if you can pull a cracking pint, you’re great with people, and you enjoy working in fast moving environment this might be the role for you.

Applications to join Boomtown bars have now closed

Our other bar providers Refresh West still have volunteer applications here!


Boomtown Recycling Team

Are you eco-minded? Do you love working in the great outdoors? Then this role might be right up your street. Our re-cycling team are essential to keeping our town in tip top condition across the weekend, and ensure that we get everything tidy once the public have gone home. This role is not suitable for people with back problems or mobility issues as it involves a lot of moving about, lifting, litter picking and sorting.

Applications to join the Boomtown Recycling team have now closed

Each year we attract more and more citizens from each corner of the globe and our wonderful world continues to grow. As a result, we are looking for even more volunteers to help us this year.

We have taken on board all your feedback from 2017, and we’ve used that to implement some significant changes to our volunteer operation this year to ensure that you have the most amazing time!

General Volunteer FAQs

Our onsite dates are Wednesday 8th August through to Monday 13th August.  Exact times TBC.

Boomtown volunteers and bar volunteer shifts run between Thursday 9th August and Monday 13th.

Previous experience is always useful, but we actively welcome inexperienced volunteers.

Yes.  This year we’re running pre-festival volunteer training sessions in Bristol, London and Birmingham.  We will provide more information once volunteer applications have launched.

NOTE: Training spaces are limited.

No, but it’s a great opportunity to meet other stewards and supervisors, learn new skills and to get the inside track on what’s going to happen at Boomtown 2018!

Yes, all stewards & supervisors have to attend an onsite briefing before they start their first shift.  Attendance is mandatory.

We are looking for volunteer supervisors to help manage our ever-growing volunteer team. If you have experience of supervising teams in your day job, other voluntary experience or from other events and would like the chance to take on a bit more responsibility. Please tick the supervisor box on your application and give us a short description of your experience. NB. We only have a small number of supervisory positions and checking the box does not guarantee a supervisory space.

You may bring in as much alcohol as you can carry the first time you walk through the gate.

Due to licence conditions no glass is allowed on site and will be confiscated at point of entry. Unopened plastic bottles are allowed, but if the seal is broken these will also be confiscated at the gates as we cannot allow unidentifiable substances onto the festival site. No re-entry with alcohol also applies.

DRUGS - Trying to enter the festival with drugs will result in refusal of entry, forfeiture of your volunteer deposit, possible prosecution, and being prevented from volunteering at Boomtown fair in future if you are caught doing so. Security measures including, amnesty procedures, searches and sniffer dogs at the gates have increased again this year to prevent any drugs from entering the festival.

Volunteer Camping FAQs

No, you must bring your own tent and take a tip from us.  Don’t go for the £9.99 supermarket special. Your tent is your home for at least five days, so it’s worth spending a little more.

Open fires, BBQs and candle flares are strictly forbidden for safety reasons. You are permitted to bring a small camping stove with you, please read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you are using it correctly and ensure the gas valve is OFF when changing the gas.

NEVER EVER use a gas stove or a BBQ inside a tent.

Gazebos take up a significant amount of space in our campsite, and in windy conditions if they’ve not been pegged down securely. They can become a flying hazard. So, although they are not actually banned, we heavily discourage them, and you will be asked to take yours down if we run low on camping space.  

Anyway, why would you want to waste time setting up a gazebo when we have a lovely volunteer marquee in our campsite for you to chill out in, complete with free tea, coffee and mobile phone charging points.

Note: We strongly suggest that you do not leave your phone unattended while charging.

We’re sorry but you are not permitted to bring pets to Boomtown Fair.

Yes. You will be given one meal ticket for each shift worked. Meal tickets can be redeemed at our dedicated crew caterer located in the volunteer campsite only.

We aim to cater for both vegetarians and meat eaters as well as notifying our caterers of vegan numbers.

Please note that to reduce the amount of waste generated by the festival.  Unless you bring your own knife, fork, plate and spoon, our crew caterer will charge you a small amount for supplying you with single use items.

Yes, but space is very limited.

To qualify, your vehicle must have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities or both.  A live-in vehicle is not a van with a piece of foam cut to size for a bed, and a bucket for washing, or an estate car with the back seat folded down.

We do not under any circumstances provide an electrical hook up for live-in vehicles, and the use of personal generators is strictly prohibited on site.

Space permitting awnings are permitted.  Under no circumstances can standard tents be pitched beside your vehicle.

Check out our handy packing list for all the essential things to bring when volunteering at Boomtown!

Volunteer Shift FAQs

Each Boomtown volunteer completes 3 x 8 hour shifts across the festival.  In general, you can expect to work an one early, one midday and one over night shift.

That depends on what you sign up for.  As a Boomtown Volunteer you could find yourself stewarding in the campsites, venues, traffic crossings, pedestrian gates or in the pit of one of the main stages.  

If you find that your shift is clashing with your favourite bands or DJs, it may be possible for you to swap your shift(s) with a fellow steward.  Instructions on how to do this will be announced at your onsite briefing.

Yes, you can! We always do our best to accommodate friends working together.  Please make sure you put your friends full name and email address on your application and make sure they do the same for you. You must use the exact same details that they applied with to ensure we attempt to put you on the same shifts (ask Jen if she signed up as Jen, Jenny or Jennifer!)

Please also make sure you apply for the same teams and ensure that you select the same first, second team choices.

If you have any questions about volunteering with us before we arrive on site, please feel free to email us at volunteer@boomtownfair.co.uk. It can take up to three days for us to reply to your email, but we aim to do it within 48 hours.

Once the management teams arrived on site, our onsite mobile will go live so that you can call use with any urgent questions. The number will be included in your pre-festival arrival information email that’s sent out to you a few weeks before the festival.

YES! Everything is better in fancy dress. Just make sure you wear your hi vis over the top of your fancy dress, and that you’re not wearing flip flops or 6 inch heels while on shift!  

We love glitter fairies, but the lovely critters that live on the site all year round don’t.  So please make that extra effort to purchase biodegradable glitter to keep the critters happy!

No, we’re afraid not. Virtually all our stewarding roles require you to be stood up for 8 hours.  

Sure, you can.  Please provide us with as much information as possible during your application, so that we can take your own personal circumstances into account when we allocate you role.  We may contact you for more information once you’ve applied, so that our team is in a better position to offer support should you need it while on site.

If you need a Personal Assistant to help you in your day to day life, we may in certain circumstances be able to provide your PA with a free ticket.  For more information please email us on volunteer@boomtownfair.co.uk

Volunteer Deposits & Fees

A refundable deposit is needed as guarantee, that won't get lost in the festival and all 3 x 8 hour shifts are completed. Check out our T's & C’s for more info.

The deposit for Chapter 10 is £280.

As we've sold out, the deposit amount has been set at the same level as the final tier of tickets.  

An administration fee of £15.50 is applied to cover the costs associated in administering your application and processing your deposit payment. This admin fee is deducted from your deposit before we process your refund, so assuming you’ve complete all of your shifts in line with our T & C’s.  The refund amount will be £264.50

We aim to refund your deposit within 3 weeks of the last day of the festival. (Monday 13th August 2018) Please bear in mind this can only go through if we have a record of you signing in and out of each of your 3 shifts so make sure you're logging in!

Unfortunately not, we need your deposit paid before we can progress and confirm your application.

If you cancel your volunteer application by the 27/06/2018 we can refund your deposit, minus a £20 cancellation fee and the £15.50 application administration fee. This means the full refund amount would be £244.50.  If you cancel after from 28/06/2018 onwards, you will in most cases forfeit your full deposit.

We fully appreciate that things crop up in life that you can’t plan for, so in certain circumstances there may be grounds to refund your deposit minus the application processing fee after the cancelation deadline. We deal with these refund requests on a case by case basis, but please note that in most cases we will ask you to supply documentation supporting your refund request.

This has been calculated how much it costs us every time someone cancels, in terms of administrating their cancellation, arranging an early refund and attempting to backfill their place. This fee covers these costs.

A deducation of £50 will be applied to cover the cost of replacing your tabard.

Yes that's fine, but please bear in mind that if you; fail to complete your shifts in line with our T & C’s, lose your tabard or have to cancel your application they will forfeit all or part of the deposit that they’ve paid on your behalf.

Before you contact us at volunteer@boomtownfair.co.uk its worth checking:

  1. Double check the debit or credit card account that you used to pay the deposit. In most cases the refund has been credited to your account, it’s just not the original amount that you paid. i.e. you need to be looking for the deposit amount minus the administraion fee, and/or the cancelation fee (see above FAQ's for more info on this)

  2. Has the debit or credit card that you used to pay your deposited expired?  
    If the answer is yes, please contact us at volunteer@boomtownfair.co.uk

  3. Have you switch debit or credit card account providers?
    If the answer is yes, then you need to contact us at volunteer@boomtownfair.co.uk

  4. Did you cancel after the cancellation deadline?  
    If the answer is yes, then unfortuntaely no refund is due.

Recycling Volunteer FAQ's

Critical waste will provide appropriate PPE for the role.

Yes!! You can select your t-shirt size on your application form

Yes you will be able to select from three different shift patterns.


Pattern 1:  (One hour break per shift)

07:00 - 15:00 on Friday 10th

07:00 - 15:00 on Sunday 12th

08:00 – 16:00 on Tuesday 14th

Pattern 2: (One hour break per shift)

07:00 - 15:00 on Saturday 11th

08:00 – 16:00 on Monday 13th

08:00 - 16:00 on Wednesday 15th

Pattern 3: (One hour break per shift)

07:00 – 15:00 on Friday 10th

07:00 - 15:00 on Saturday 11th

07:00 - 15:00 on Sunday 12th

Places on each pattern are allocated on a first come first served basis

You will be managed on site by our partners Critical Waste. Boomtown Fair will administer your application and refund.

You will be camped in the Critical Waste section of the volunteer campsite with access to hot showers, toilets, etc

Yes you will receive a meal ticket for each shift worked. This is to be used at our catering in the volunteer campsite only.

During your application you can choose to arrive on wednesday 8th August between 12noon and 21:30pm. Or thursday 9th August between 12noon and 21:30pm. Please note that if you intend to arrive on the Thursday this is the public arrival day and to expect long queues. You are advised to come to site early.


Volunteer packing list