Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself


Zooloos are back providing some luxury amongst the bright lights and thumping sounds of Boomtown.

Hot private showers, luxury clean flushing toilets and pamper areas with fabulous dressing tables complete with large mirrors, hair dryers, straighteners and curlers.

Open 7am-12am so you can plan your visit outside peak times (please note during peak times 10am-2pm you can expect to queue for 10-30 mins).

Choose from two locations - Downtown and Hilltop. 


Keep your belongings safe by booking a secure locker at one of two locations on site: Hilltop & Downtown.


Choose between Drop & Return charging or Portable Charging and decide on whether you want to book in advance for cheaper rates or purchase on site.

Drop & Return: Drop your phone off whenever it needs charging and the friendly staff will do it all for you. Take a ticket and come back when it’s fully charged.

Portable charging: You will receive one fully charged portable charger each day, that way you take the power with you and never be without your phone. Please note a £20 deposit is required for the portable charger on top of the charge fee. The deposit is refunded when you return the charger.

Added extras are all available from the ticket page here