Intro to Boomtown

Intro to Boomtown

What is Boomtown?

Boomtown is a unique, awe-inspiring theatrical and music festival experience, full of intrigue at every turn.  As the UK’s largest independent festival it is handcrafted and produced by some of the most passionate and creative makers and creators in the industry, who combine music, ground-breaking theatre and production levels on an unrivalled and massive scale. 

Unlike any other UK festival, Boomtown’s fully immersive experience is tailored for attendees to delve as deeply as they wish into the interactive and story-led show, as well as the jaw-droppingly diverse lineup on offer.  The musical programme celebrates high calibre, recognisable acts from mainstream and underground music that include everything from reggae, world music, folk, metal, jazz, ska, hip hop, punk, drum and bass, techno, house, disco, jungle, psytrance (believe us when we say the list goes on…)

Boomtown is an event that places community and acceptance at the forefront of everything, and it is rooted in a culture of ambition, celebration and respect. We are driven by our overriding vision to deliver an experience that represents a wide variety of music and artistic endeavour whilst also raising awareness and driving social and environmental change. 

How is the ‘city’ made up?

Boomtown is created as an intricate and detailed fictitious, living breathing city that is split up into three main areas: Downtown, Hilltop and Temple Valley. Within these areas, you will find 14 uniquely themed districts. These individual music and theatrical districts are themed and are completely immersive. Each district has at least one main stage and a selection of smaller street venues, where you will find everything from music to theatrical happenings thanks to the hundreds of actors roaming the streets who bring the film-like street sets to life. 

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What is the Boomtown story?

In addition to the hundreds of musical artists on the bill, what sets Boomtown apart is our overarching storyline that evolves each year and permeates every aspect of the festival’s atmosphere, message and aesthetic.. Participants are invited to become a character within the city and uncover its secrets as the story unfolds over the weekend….

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