We’re always looking for new ways to make our operations smoother and to improve the experience on the ground for everyone at the festival and this year we’re introducing RFID technology to remove cash transactions at the festival.  Over the last few years, we’ve visited a number of complex events around the globe where RFID technology has been shown to be a great solution for ensuring fair trade, transparency and practicality. 

Understandably, there are always concerns around tech and anything that relies on WIFI at a festival that takes place in a field! However, the RFID technology that is built into your wristband doesn't rely on the internet and is based entirely on a closed loop system that is not connected to any banks. On the ground, it will reduce queues and make your experience faster, safer and easier.

In 2019, only 13% of you used cash on site. Our values around freedom of choice are very much at the heart of what we do and we’ve not taken this decision lightly - we’ve spoken to many of you about potential concerns, our partners have rigorously tested systems, and we have collectively decided that this is a logical and exciting new step going forward! 

What does this mean?
Going cashless means that apart from at the cashless top up points, there will be no cash transactions onsite and everything will be done via your RFID wristband. However, you can always use cash to top up onsite at any time.

How does it work?
On arrival every member of the public will be given their RFID wristband at the gate. The easiest way to use your RFID wristband is to pre-register and set up your online account to top up in advance. All ticket holders will be notified by email when you are able to do this.  By pre-registering and setting up an account before you arrive you’ll be able to explore the settings available such as automatic top-ups and choose the options you want from the comfort of your own home!

What happens next?
All the information you will need to set up your account will be available soon, all ticket holders will be notified by email. We will update all our ticket holders via our newsletter and social channels as soon as the pre-registration opens. If you are not signed up to our Boomtown newsletter and would like to do so, just follow the link here

Extra information:
You can check out all of our FAQs below but if you have any questions left unanswered, please contact us at and we will be happy to help!

Cashless - General FAQs

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprising two components: tags and readers. This means your wristband will have a RFID chip on it that will allow cashless transactions inside the festival making your experience faster, safer and easier.

Yes! If you choose to wait to set up your account until you get to Boomtown you can. You do not need to do this in advance- although we always recommend getting organised ahead of time.

Registering a personal account is not mandatory but it is recommended as it does make the process easier. This includes the ability to top up online through your smartphone, enable auto top up, track your purchase history, redeem special incentives and more easily replace your wristband with the balance intact if it gets lost.

If you do not want to create a personal account, you’re free to remain anonymous. Just walk into the festival and use any top-up booth to add credit to your tag. The system will only identify you by your wristband ID number, with no personal data attached. You can still load funds to your wristband using the onsite top up stations and pay with it at any point-of-sale.

We will treat your data in line with our privacy policy that can be found here.

The RFID wristbands do not rely on wifi or internet connection to work. The system is  able to operate without internet or power. It has no central point of failure, which means that the worst-case scenario is an individual scanning device (such as a payment terminal on a bar) or a person’s wristband becomes damaged or lost. In both instances, they can be replaced in moments on-site, ensuring continuous service throughout Boomtown.

The wristbands we use can only be detected from a few centimetres away and are not equipped with any GPS technology. It is  impossible to track your movements

On arrival at the festival you will be given a wristband where you can load an amount of money onto it using either one of the top up booths or via your online account. You will then be able to use it at any bar, food vendor, shop or service provider inside the festival. After the festival, you’ll be able to request a refund of the remaining balance.

The cashless technology is incorporated in your main wristband that you’ll receive when you scan your ticket at the entrance of Boomtown.

We suggest that you put enough money on your wristband for your entire visit, so you avoid having to go back to one of the top-up points if you run out of credit on your wristband.

At Boomtown, your wristband is the only accepted payment method. Our bars, food and drink stalls, merchants, artisans and other services within the festival, will only be using our cashless system, and will not accept cash as payment.

Yes, sun and rain will not damage your wristband.

Your wristband will be valid for the entire duration Boomtown, and you can use it as many times as you wish. For security reasons, the maximum amount accepted on the wristband at a time is £250.

Not to worry! We will have multiple WIFI hotspots around the site that you can link up to to allow a fast and easy top up experience.

All of the machines used to tap your wrist band show how much money you have left. The bartenders can give you a quick update as they scan your card or you can ask for your remaining balance whenever you go to the bar.  If you have registered an account you will be able to check your balance on your phone from the comfort of your tent!

Cashless - Topping Up

If the balance on your wristband is too low, you won’t be able to pay. The operator will ask you to top-up at any of the top-up booths. To avoid queues, you can top-up online too.

You can add money to your wristband online before the festival starts or by using your smartphone during the festival.  If you would rather add it in person during the show you can do so at any top-up points inside the festival using either cash or card.

If you wish to add money to your wristband whilst at Boomtown you can go to any of our designated top-up booths. Our designated Top-Up Booths allow you to add money to your wristbands by using cash, credit or debit cards. These booths also allow you to use cash to add money to your wristbands, if you prefer not to use debit/credit cards.

Yes, we have also provided ATM’s to assist this cash top ups.

Yes! You can select an automatic top-up online through your registered cashless personal account and your balance will update automatically.

The homepage of your personal account will show you all the top-up options, which can include different top up amounts. When you choose a top up amount, you can also decide if you want it to be a one-time manual top-up or an automatic one.

Manual top-ups are a one-time payment that adds money to your wristband with the selected amount. If you run out of credit in the festival, you’ll have to top-up again online or at a top-up booth.

Yes, if you are attending Boomtown as a family group or a couple, you can manage the cashless credit for everyone in one place, so you don’t need to register a separate personal cashless account for each person. We will give more details on how to do this in the coming weeks.

Cashless - Safety

Your wristband is protected by a highly secure encryption that makes it impossible to copy or steal the money and all the information stored on it.

You are able to check the remaining balance on your wristband, both before and after each transaction at any of the Boomtown bars, food and drink stalls, merchants, artisans and other services within the festival.

If you have doubts about any past transaction, you can go to the dedicated Cashless InfoPoint in the festival and ask for your transaction history. You can also review and keep an eye on all your transactions you have made, by reviewing your personal registered cashless online account. 

Please Note: sometimes due to connectivity issues of the devices used in the festival, there might be a delay in updating the transaction history that you see online or at the Cashless InfoPoint. In this case, please wait until the end of the day to get your confirmed transaction history.

If your wristband is lost or stolen and you have registered for your online cashless account, we can block the lost or stolen wristband and transfer all your unspent money onto a new wristband for you. Please go to the Cashless InfoPoint and ask for a new one. You’ll be asked to show your ticket and given a new wristband.

Losing your wristband is like losing your wallet and your ticket, so keep it safe. If you do lose it or it gets stolen, you can go to the Cashless InfoPoint and ask for a new one. You’ll be asked to show your ticket and given a new wristband, but your new wristband won’t have any of the money you had on your previous wristband.  We will be unable to block the lost/stolen wristband and likewise unable to transfer any of the unspent money that may have been on it.