Be Part of the Story

Be Part of the Story

Create your own character…

As always, Boomtown citizens are invited to join the city as a resident of one of our many districts… Will you choose to run away with the bohemian circus of Oldtown, relax in the leisure facilities of the new Paradise Heights complex, join the underground punk resistance in Diss-order Alley or step into the dystopian future of DSTRKT 5….?

Once again our official Boomtown costumiers have re-opened the doors of ‘The Costume Shop’ where they will be making all of your bespoke costume dreams come true.... more details.

Boomtown Chapter 11 District Costume Themes

Which district will you reside in? Here are your 2019 Boomtown Fair district fancy dress themes. Delve deeper into the districts on the explore pages here

Dstrkt 5

Step into the positronic future where humanity teeters on the brink of oblivion and we foxtrot towards destruction or salvation, either way, you wanna be lookin' your best as the end of days come down.

Think dark and dystopian, get apocalypse ready...


Hi-tech digitally enhanced superhumans dress to impress in the brave new world just around the corner in this future-tastic realm of superhuman fantasy and hyper-connected fashion wear.

Think cutting edge modernity...

Barrio Loco

A colourful carnival collides with the tribes of a post-apocalyptic future as we stumble from the rubble in glorious technicolour chaos.

Think streetwear and carnival costumes ready for the fiesta...

Paradise Heights

Bask in the very best of what the good life has to offer and dress to excess in this gawdy toytown where thousands of sequins cover practically nothing, a paradise you never dreamed of.

Think luxo leisurewear and gaudy gold...

Old Town

Even the peasants want to look their best for the annual fair as they dust off their glad rags from the good old days and buff up their pearls and fake diamonds.

Think bohemian circus and olde worlde glamour...

Copper County

Full steam ahead for the industrial revolution as the money men move in spawning grubby urchins and factory workers in their wake!

Think top hats and ballgowns strutting into the mechanical age...

Costume Shop

After many hours at the pattern cutting table, dreaming and designing... our official Boomtown costumiers are finally ready to open the doors of ‘The Costume Shop’ where every citizen's bespoke fancy dress dreams can come true...

The Costume Shop

Boomtown is a creative wonderland brought to life for but a few days as a mystical city inhabited by a diverse and colourful host of characters who make up this bizarre creative community, we encourage all our visitors to play their part and become a citizen in their own right. A veritable nation of makers, designers, producers and artists all give everything they have got to make this happen and none more so than a myriad of costumiers who help create the beings who inhabit this heady other world.

The Costume Shop gives visitors the chance to draw on the expertise of these crafty creatives and have something special made to bring them in world and be a part of the story. This year we are offering a selection of in world themes to choose from in a variety of scales to suit all needs. Have a browse and digital rummage and let us know if we can help you discover your inner character! 

Bohemian Circus

Bohemian Circus is kind of where it all began way back when the Circus rolled into town, it’s always showtime at Boomtown some prepare to get bedazzled and step into the spotlight for a spectacular weekend.


The future is unwritten! As worlds collide and tech meets nature in an attempt to avoid environmental catastrophe all manner of enhancements and armageddon proof party wear is yours for the choosing! Its time to save the world, but first we have to save ourselves!

Be part of the story and choose your character!
Find the shop here.