Boomtown welcomes everyone into our community and we are working hard to make it as easy as possible for our citizens who have additional accessibility requirements to enjoy everything Boomtown has to offer.  We work closely with a team of experts from GAMA Access Areas CIC who provide accessible camping and can offer practical advice and support at the festival.

The festival is a greenfield site and it can be challenging for everyone. It consists of two main areas, Hilltop and Downtown, which are separated by a large hill. In each of the areas, there are districts within which can be found main stages and smaller venues.  Provisions and partnerships are in place to ensure there is accessibility support available. These include two 24 hour medical facilities (fully operational hospital), viewing platforms and accessible site-wide toilets and a wheelchair accessible bus service.

You will need an Accessibility wristband to access some of the facilities on site such as viewing platforms and the accessibility bus. To request a wristband please email and the Meadow team will be in contact.

We are also working closely with Deaf Events UK and DeafZone to provide support for hearing impaired visitors across site. 

This page is dedicated to the public who have ongoing medical conditions and permanent disabilities.  If you are pregnant or have recent injuries or illness then please see our Medical & Welfare page for more information


  1. PA tickets
  2. The Meadow (accessible camping)
  3. Getting Around
  4. BSL Provision
  5. Viewing Platforms
  6. Camping FAQ’s
  7. Shower & Toilets FAQ’s
  8. Power FAQ’s
  9. Medical Provision & Medicine FAQ’s
  10. Tickets & Travel FAQ’s
  11. General Access FAQ’s

Free PA tickets

How to apply for your PA ticket.

**PA ticket applications for this year have now closed to give us time to process the requests.**

If you can provide proof that you have a current middle or higher rate DLA or you receive a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) you are eligible for a free PA ticket.

All other PA/carer tickets as discretionary, on application direct to

Simply purchase your own ticket in the general sale and then contact with copies of your supporting documentation, your contact name, email and phone number and your application will be passed on to the GAMA team. They will approve this for you and will get back to you with all the further details you need and be able to answer any specific queries you have.

Please note, the PA ticket will not be issued until the full ticket price of the main ticket has been completed.

The Meadow

The Meadow is a dedicated campsite for all those with disabilities or accessibility needs. If you would like to stay here you will need to pre-register to book your space with The Meadow team by contacting They will then prepare for your arrival and ensure your entry and set up is as smooth as possible.

Campsite Facilities:

  • 24/7 staffed Campsite Hub
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible showers
  • Hand washing facilities and freshwater points
  • Fridge to store medication
  • Wheelchair chair charging points
  • DeafEvents HQ for BSL
  • South Gate Box Office: Hearing loop
  • Shuttle bus to/from the public transport hub and South Gate for easy access to The Meadow.

Arriving at the Meadow:

The Meadow is located near Whistlers Green, near to main stages Lion’s Den, The Lighthouse and Kidztown. It is a short walk from Meadow Gate.

  • Designated Parking: Meadow car parking passes are available at £26 plus booking fee and will allow you to park at South Gate. 
  • Public Transport: A dedicated shuttle bus will take you from the public transport hub to Meadow Gate.
  • Drop Off: Request a routing pass that will allow you access to Meadow Gate.

Campervan & Caravan Space

There are a limited number of spaces available for live-in vehicles. Passes cost £100 plus booking fee and can be arranged directly with the Meadow team. Cars and towing vehicles are not permitted within the campsite without prior arrangement.

Group Size

Alongside yourself and your PA, children, friends and family are welcome in the Meadow. We are limited on space and generally allow an extra 1 or 2 small tents. Simply confirm with the team how many people and tents you would like to bring in advance. Please note, there is no childcare available.

If you have any other questions about The Meadow or would like to be contacted by phone please first contact

Getting around the festival

Boomtown is a greenfield site, it’s large and can be challenging. It consists of two main venue areas Hilltop and Downtown and there is a steep hill joining the two.

A wheelchair-accessible bus will run a continuous loop of Hilltop and Downtown areas - this is a wheelchair-accessible shuttle service running on a set route with bus stop locations in key areas; these are as close as possible to the disabled viewing platform locations.

There is also a wheelchair accessible pickup service to and from Meadow Gate and the Meadow on entry and exit days; Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.

Access Map & Info

BSL Provision

We are pleased to be working with Deaf Events UK to provide BSL interpretation at the festival. Deaf Events team will be based within The Meadow to assist with one-to-one BSL. More information on specific activities to follow.

To request BSL at a performance, please contact or visit the Deaf Events UK facebook page. We will endeavour to include all requests in the schedule of performances for BSL.

To view the schedule of BSL interpreted performances, please click here

We will update this schedule should anything change during the event.

Viewing Platforms

We aim to provide disabled viewing platforms for 6 of our largest stages - Lions Den, Town Centre, Nucleus, The Relic, The Forge and Lighthouse. All platforms will be located as close as possible to a wide access toilet and will have wheelchair charging facilities.

Camping FAQ's

When does the Meadow open?

From 2pm on Wednesday.

Can I bring a caravan or camper van into The Meadow camping field?

Yes, if you need to bring your campervan with you, please purchase a standard campervan pass, email us on to let us know you’d like it to be changed into one for the Meadow. Please contact us directly and confirm when you will be arriving so we can make sure you get settled quickly.

Can my family and friends camp with me in The Meadow?

Yes, but we have limited space and have to get everyone in. Generally, you can have one or two accompanying small tents, but we’ll be as flexible as we can. However, we cannot have extra campervans in the area. If you’re not sure, please contact us at

I need space to store my wheelchair in my tent. Can I bring a large tent, tipi or yurt?

Yes, but please contact The Meadow team in advance by emailing making sure you tell us what size structure you are bringing and when you plan to arrive so that we can make sure we have a suitable space left to fit you in.

I am camping in another part of the Boomtown site with my friends. Can I still use the wheelchair recharging and any other facilities?

Yes. Many people camp with friends in other parts of Boomtown and make arrangements for their electric wheelchairs to be brought over to The Meadow for recharging. Anyone who needs to use the Meadow facilities on site is welcome to use them.

Is The Meadow a quiet camping area?

The Meadow campsite is situated away from the busiest areas of the site. However, Boomtown is a lively event, with late-night venues and performances, we would advise that you bring earplugs if you have difficulty sleeping.

Showers & Toilets FAQ’s

Are showers available?

The Meadow campsite has accessible showers and toilets. We also have a tap for hand washing and drinking water.

I have heard horror stories about festival toilets, please reassure me!

Boomtown recognizes the importance of adequate, hygienic toilet facilities for all visitors, especially those with medical conditions. We provide wide-access portaloo-type toilets situated in a number of locations around site.

Toilets are locked and the Meadow team provides keys for those needing to use these facilities. The facilities are checked several times a day. Please request a key from the team at

Power FAQ's

My medical equipment needs electricity. Can you supply electric to campervans?

We cannot supply mains power to individual campervans and caravans, so please let us know if you have medical equipment needing electricity.

Can I recharge my electric wheelchair?

Yes. Wheelchair re-charging facilities are available in The Meadow welfare marquee and on viewing platforms

Medical Provision & Medicine FAQ's

For more information on the medical and welfare facilities available on site, please see the Medical & Welfare page or email for further info.

I need to store my medicine in a refrigerator.

Refrigeration for medicine can be provided at The Meadow, but it’s available on request. If you have specific individual medical needs please contact us on and we will check with the festival medical service. Please put your medicines in a plastic container with your name and contact details on it.

Are there facilities for disposal of clinical waste?

Yes, the medical centre has a clinical waste and sharps disposal facilities. Please contact for more information.

If I get ill I may need emergency admission to hospital. Is this possible?

Boomtown has a fully operational hospital on site, full ambulance access and emergency exit routes. The Meadow crew have 24/hr a day radio contact with Event Control who handle any emergency response required. Please make sure you carry medical information with you at all times and inform The Meadow staff of any concerns.

I may need to leave the festival to drive to a local pharmacy or for some other reason. Will I be able to be readmitted?

The festival gates open at 10 each day on and close at 9:30pm. You can leave at any time but you will not be able to get back in after 9:30pm. Please speak to The Meadow team who may be able to help.

Is there anyone who can help with personal care at The Meadow?

The Meadow team are not able to help with personal care, however we do offer Personal Assistance tickets. Please see PA Tickets section above for more information.

Tickets & Travel FAQ's

I want to get to Boomtown by public transport. Is this possible?

Yes, check out the ticket page for a breakdown on all ticket packages available. There is a wheelchair-accessible shuttle service between the public transport hub and the Meadow.

Who is the coach provider and do they have info for passengers with accessibility needs?

Our coach provider is National Express and all coach tickets can be purchased separately via our ticket page. For any information on their accessibility services please contact them via

I am travelling by Train, what is the closest rail station?

The closest main rail station is Winchester which is about three miles away - National Rail Enquiries website has information for passengers with accessibility needs an DPTAC also offer comprehensive advice for travellers with disabilities. There is a wheelchair-accessible shuttle service from Winchester Train station to the public transport hub, and from there to the Meadow.

I am travelling by car, how do I get to Boomtown?

The festival is held at the Matterley Estate near Winchester. Directions will be sent out via email with your ticket. There will be reserved blue badge spaces at all public gates. If you are heading to The Meadow campsite, please take Orange route to South Gate.

I have a blue badge, what does that mean for me?

There are spaces reserved at all public gates for blue badge holders. You will still have to purchase your car parking pass in advance on the ticket page.

General FAQ's

Can I bring my dog with me?

No pets are allowed on site. The only animals permitted are guide dogs and assistance dogs and these are admitted on a case by case basis. Please email if you need to bring a dog to the event.

What do I need to do to bring my mobility scooter with me?

If you are planning to bring a mobility scooter please let us know in advance as you will need to be sent and sign an agreement for on site use.

What are ground conditions like?

Boomtown is a greenfield site and routes between stages are usually grass. If the ground conditions are muddy, electric wheelchairs will quickly run out of juice. We advise you to bring a back-up manual wheelchair that can be pushed if necessary. Boomtown site has a lot of hills! The Accessibility Bus is a set route designed to help navigate the steeper slopes around site and get you to the main stages

Will strobe lighting be used at Boomtown?

Yes, strobe lighting is used in the venues and outdoor arenas. We will provide signs on any stages with strobes. We also endeavour for stage managers to announce when they will be in use, but we cannot promise this. If you are affected by strobes or flashing lights, please communicate with venue staff, alternatively, you can talk to The Meadow staff who may be able to help.

Download coming soon - Venues with Strobes 2019

Who can I contact for more accessibility information?

If there is anything that we have not covered; or you have any queries, please contact General festival enquiries can be directed to