The following information is available to download in large print at the bottom of this page.

Boomtown works with GAMA Access Areas CIC to provide facilities and support for those wishing to attend who have accessibility requirements. GAMA run The Meadow campsite and can offer practical advise for attending the festival. Please see the FAQs below for more information on the facilities available here. 

If you would like to camp in The Meadow, please include this in your email with the following details: how many people you would like to camp with you and details of what you will be staying in (tents, campervans etc.). We will prepare for your arrival and individual requirements in order to make sure your entry to the festival is as smooth and easy as possible.

Some useful information about The Meadow campsite:

  • The Meadow has moved to a new location – near to Whistlers Green and the Lion’s Den.
  • Accessible parking is available at South Gate and is a short distance from The Meadow campsite. Blue badge holders or those with Meadow parking passes are welcome to use this car park.
  • We have a crew on hand to can help with practical tasks such as putting up tents and helping out.
  • We do not provide childcare or personal care.
  • There will be wheelchair charging facility in a staffed marquee within the campsite.
  • The Meadow has wide-access toilets and shower facilities, with hand wash and drinking water available.
  • Boomtown is a lively event, with late night venues and performances - bring earplugs if you have difficulty sleeping.
  • Children and parents with disabilities are welcome in The Meadow. TheKidztown area is right next door. Please note that children are the responsibility of their parents at all times.

If you have any other questions about The Meadow, or if you would like to contacted via phone, please first contact

The Meadow - Campervan / Caravan passes

The Meadow Campervan / Caravan passes are available at £100 plus booking fee. Cars and other towing vehicles are not permitted within the campsite unless you sought have direct permission from The Meadow team in advance. 

The Meadow - Car Parking passes

The Meadow parking passes are available at £26 plus booking fee and allow you to park in the designated parking at South Gate, which is a short walk from the Meadow campsite.

Carer/Personal Assistant tickets

Boomtown recognise that some of our citizens may require access for a carer or personal assistant. We can offer one free carer/personal assistant ticket to those who can provide proof of a current DLA higher or middle rate or Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Any other requests are discretionary. To apply for a carer ticket, please send supporting documents to, who will pass on to the GAMA Team for consideration. Please include a contact name, email and phone number so we can contact you if we need to discuss anything further.  You should be informed of the results of your requests within 28 working days.  If you have any further queries, please do contact us again via email. 

Deaf Events UK

This year we’re pleased to announce that we’re working with Deaf Events UK and Deaf Zone to provide support for deaf and hearing impaired visitors across site. Our plans are as follows :

  • Based in The Meadow campsite will be a Deafzone marquee staffed from 2 pm – 6 pm Thursday – Sunday, to provide information, with an interpreter present. Any questions, requests, queries or suggestions can be brought here.
  • On the main entry day of Thursday there will be a hearing loop at the South Gate box office. Anyone who has previously informed us of their needs and then arrive, will be brought through this entrance. Anyone who has these needs and has not informed us of their arrival, can still be re-directed to this gate.
  • During the event on the Friday – Sunday inclusive Hearing loops will be up and running in both information points, and available for the main medical and welfare centres.
  • There will be a small pool of interpreters on site that will be able to travel around site as necessary, and to get to performances if requested. They will work out a programme of the performances that they hope to cover, and this will be published both in the Deafzone Marquee and hopefully on the website. If you wish to request an interpreter for a specific performance, then please do either contact us via or via our facebook page. We will do what we can to oblige.
  • If there is a large demand for signing at any specific performance, then we may set up on the disabled viewing platform.
  • A Boomtown Deafzone Facebook page has been set up – details as above – please do use this for any questions or queries, or just for communications, before or during the event.
  • Paddy Ladd, one of our Deaf crew, will be giving a talk at Speakers Corner at 4 pm on Friday 10th August, that everyone will be welcome to attend and contribute to. Paddy is a seasoned campaigner for the Rights of Deaf people. Details of the talk are below.
  • Deaf Support is available in emergency situations 247. If you need this, then please go to the nearest steward who will be able to get a message to us.
  • Each Deaf or hearing impaired person who receives PIPS or DLA (or presents a doctor letter) can apply to bring on site their own PA, who would be expected to provide for their personal communications around site. 

This is our first year of Boomtown joining up with Deaf Zone and Deaf Events UK to provide these facilities. Any feedback, ideas, support or comments are most welcome for future development. 


  1. Can I bring a caravan or camper van into The Meadow camping field?

Yes, if you need to bring your campervan with you, you will be able to purchase a Meadow campervan pass via the website, but please also let us know so we can expect you.

  1. Can my family and friends camp with me in The Meadow?

Yes - up to a point. Obviously we have limited space and have to get everyone in. We normally say that you can have one or two accompanying small tents, we will be as flexible as we can. We cannot have extra camper vans in the area, these need to go in the designated camper van area. If you are not sure, please contact us.

  1. I need space to store my wheelchair in my tent. Can I bring a large tent, tipi or yurt?

Yes but please contact GAMA in advance by emailing making sure you tell us what size structure you are bringing and when you plan to arrive so that we can make sure we have a suitable space left to fit you in.

  1. Can I bring my dog with me?

No pets are allowed. The only animals permitted are guide dogs and assistance dogs and these are admitted on a case by case basis. Please email if you need to bring a dog to the event.

  1. I may need to leave the festival to drive to a local pharmacy or for some other reason. Will I be able to be readmitted?

Please try to avoid needing to move your vehicle during the festival except for in emergencies. If you need to leave Boomtown and require readmission, you’ll need to contact The Meadow Coordinator on site, who can help arrange this.

  1. I need to store my medicine in a refrigerator.

Refrigeration for medicine can be provided at The Meadow, available on request. If you have specific individual medical needs please contact us and we will check with the festival medical service. Please put your medicines in a plastic container with your name and contact details on it.

  1. Can I recharge my electric wheelchair?

Yes.  Wheelchair recharging facilities are available in The Meadow welfare marquee.  We cannot supply mains power to individual camper vans and caravans so please let us know if you have medical equipment needing electricity.

  1. I am camping in another part of the Boomtown site with my friends. Can I still use the wheelchair recharging and any other facilities?

Yes. Many people camp with friends in other parts of Boomtown and make arrangements for their electric wheelchairs to be brought over to The Meadow for recharging. Anyone who needs to use The Meadow facilities on site is welcome to use them.

  1. Is there transport available around site?

GAMA provide a buggy shuttle service from the Meadow to Downtown and back, at set times and on a set route. They also run a pick up service to/from South Gate on Thursday and Monday.

  1. What are ground conditions like?

Boomtown is a greenfield site and routes between stages are usually grass. If the ground conditions are muddy, electric wheelchairs will quickly run out of juice. We advise you bring a back-up manual wheelchair that can be pushed if necessary. Boomtown site has a lot of hills! GAMA’s buggy route is designed to help navigate the steeper slopes around site.

  1. Will there be viewing platforms or areas?

We endeavor to provide viewing platforms or viewing areas at our main stages. We will provide further info on platforms and their facilities closer to the festival.

  1. I want to get to Boomtown by public transport. Is this possible?

You are advised to check frequently on the Boomtown website for information about transport options, including coaches.

Our coach provider is National Express, coach tickets can be purchased separately via our ticket page.

The closest main rail station is Winchester, about three miles away - National Rail Enquiries website has information for passengers with accessibility needs.

DPTAC also offer comprehensive advice for travellers with disabilities.

  1. I am travelling by car, how do I get to Boomtown?

The festival is held at the Matterley Estate near Winchester. Directions will be sent out via email with your ticket. There will be reserved blue badge spaces at all public gates. If you are heading to The Meadow campsite, please enter via South Gate.

  1. If I get ill I may need emergency admission to hospital.

Boomtown has a fully operational hospital on site, full ambulance access and emergency exit routes.  The Meadow crew have 24/hr a day radio contact with Event Control who handle any emergency response required. Please make sure you carry medical information with you at all times and inform The Meadow staff of any concerns. 

  1. Are showers available?

The Meadow campsite has accessible showers and toilets. We also have a tap for hand washing and drinking water.

  1. I have heard horror stories about festival toilets, please reassure me!

Boomtown recognize the importance of adequate, hygienic toilet facilities for all visitors, especially those with medical conditions. We provide wide-access portaloo-type toilets situated in a number of locations around site. Toilets are usually locked and GAMA can provide keys for those needing to use these facilities. The facilities are checked several times a day.

  1. Are there facilities for disposal of clinical waste?

Yes, the medical centre has a clinical waste and sharps disposal facilities.

  1. Will strobe lighting be used at Boomtown?

Yes, strobe lighting is used in the venues and outdoor arenas. We will provided signs on any stages with strobes. We also endeavor for stage managers to announce when they will be in use, but we cannot promise this. If you are affected by strobes or flashing lights, please communicate with venue staff, alternatively, you can talk to The Meadow staff who may be able to help.

  1. Who can I contact for more information?

We hope that these FAQs will go some way towards assisting you in coming to Boomtown. You are advised to frequently check back on the Boomtown website as this information may change. If there is anything that we have not covered; or you have any queries, please contact

For more info on tickets, travel, volunteering and more, follow links on our Info page. 

GAMA’s website: for more information about access at outdoor festivals for people with disabilities. We welcome your comments and questions.

We look forward to seeing you at Boomtown 2018!