Travel Greener

Travel Greener

For most festivals travel accounts for over 80% of the total CO2 emissions which is a really scary amount. It’s something that we can all easily help to reduce, by simply making sustainable travel the normal way to get to Boomtown!  

As a thank you to everyone who supports us and arrives by public transport we have created a cheaper Public Transport Saver festival entry ticket which you can get in conjunction with your travel tickets and includes the option of free Wednesday entry!

How can you make a difference?

By choosing to come to Boomtown via a more sustainable option such as:

Coach: National Express offers reasonably priced tickets from over 50 direct routes across the UK

Train:  Boomtown shuttle bus will pick you up from Winchester train station and bring you straight to site

Cycle: Join our Bike Ride scheme.

If you need to come by car, you can reduce your impact on the environment as well as our local roads by choosing to car share:

Make sure you fill any spare seats in your car with friends!  Bring 3 or more people in your car

Check out our partners Go Car Share to help you find a lift or fill a spare seat.

What we’re doing...

For every car park pass sold, £1 is donated to Energy Revolution ,who invest in sustainable energy products and turn your travel miles into clean energy.  Last year 370,591 miles were balanced with all donations going to Solar4Schools a project that aims to put solar panels on the roofs of every school in the UK.

 Working with all artists and contractors to balance offset their unavoidable travel emissions  to and from the festival