Reduce, re-use, recycle!

Reduce, re-use, recycle!

The phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is often used when we talk about how to be more environmentally friendly. If we generate less waste by reusing what we already have and only purchasing items that can be recycled, we really will make an impact. We’ll reduce harmful gases that contribute to climate change, prevent our beautiful land being taken up as landfill sites, and protect our planet’s limited resources - environmental change starts here!

How can you make a difference?

✔ Respect the city: Leave no trace in your campsite - read our handy tips for reducing campsite waste here.

Bring a reusable water bottle. From Chapter 11 we're selling no more plastic water bottles! Get your very own Boomtown branded reusable bottles - or bring your own from home! We’ve got plenty of water points around the site as well as WaterAid refill stations.

USE THE RIGHT BINS! Now that ALL serve wear, cutlery and bar cups are totally compostable vegware we need these and food waste to go in the correct bins so that they can be correctly composted! Make use of our multi-bin recycling system so that the maximum amount of waste can be successfully recycled.  

Stop the drop! If you’re a smoker then grab yourself a free portable ashtray from BUTTrfly. 

What we’re doing...

As well as implementing all of the public initiatives listed above we’ve also got new schemes behind the scenes…

In 2018 we signed the Drastic on Plastic pledge and banned plastic straws and serveware (opting for compostable solutions instead!) and encouraged everyone to bring their own reusable bottle and coffee cup.

Our Waste management plan is developed with our waste contractor and sustainability at the core of all planning and on-site stages.

A 40% recycling rate target has been set ( we achieved 35% last year) with a long-term goal of reaching 50% in three years.

On the ground recycling initiatives in place with recycling points in all campsites

We’ve got sustainability volunteer teams in place to engage the public about the recycling schemes.

There are also trader teams in place to ensure traders follow the waste management plan

We have partnerships with local food banks to ensure that any food waste can be put to good use.

 Additional investment has been committed to the existing EcoBond system to make returning your consumables and recycling as easy as possible.