Alongside many of our partners, fellow festivals and the wider creative industry to take some drastic action on tackling the impending environmental crisis. See below for some of the environmental campaigns we are involved in:

Drastic on Plastic (AIF) - in 2018 the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF - 60+ independent festival members including Boomtown) launched the Drastic on plastic campaign where all participating festivals have committed to banning the use of plastic straws on-site in 2018 as a minimum first step and pledged to eliminate all single-use plastic at their events by 2021.

Festival Vision 2025 - part of the Powerful Thinking partnership, through the Festival Vision 2025 campaign all participating festivals aim to achieve a 50% reduction in festival-related annual Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2025

Eco Campsites - We are looking to launch Boomtown’s first ever Eco campsites - for those who wish to pledge to keep their space clean and tidy, bring less with them and take it all home with them. More information to follow...

Butterfly scrape conservation - we have been working alongside Matterley Estate and local conservationists who have created a butterfly scrape with the aim of establishing a breeding area for native Lepidoptera such as the small blue butterfly and the striped lychnis moth.

BUTTRFLY - Stop the drop and provided portable ashtrays and cigarette butt bins across site

Every Can Counts - roaming teams recycling drinks cans on the go.