Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Aside from all of the public-facing initiatives that you can get involved in, we also have a huge behind the scenes operation in which we are implementing changes...

Powering the City

Boomtown can’t happen without energy. We need it to operate stages, lighting, venues, food stalls, bars and offices! But using less fossil fuel and producing less C02 emissions is vital. We have implemented these initiatives to reduce our usage:

✔ Replace high carbon energy with low or zero carbon energy sources
✔ Support technologies that promote clean energy
✔ Only use LED lighting
✔ Reduce energy demand and use

Contractors, equipment and materials

We work closely with all our trades and contractors who help us create our beautiful city, and knowing that they consider their own impact on the environment is really important. Where possible with work with local contractors and have criteria in place to make sure that we:

✔ Use sustainable or recycled materials where possible
✔ Only use wood that is FSC certified
✔ Monitor and measure all the build materials to track the amount that is used versus reused/reclaimed so that we can continue to improve

Water & Sewage

It is crucial that we limit our demand on water sources, our strain on the sewer systems, and that we prevent the waterways from contamination. To reduce our water footprint, leave no lasting impact on the land and support water conservation and innovative technology.

✔ Measure and monitor water usage
✔ Implemented systems to prevent chemical contamination from all wastewater
✔ Use compost loos across site
✔ Use water taken from the mains so as not to use tanks bringing it in


We offer a wide choice of delicious and varied local and sustainable sourced food. This includes an increased amount of exciting vegetarian and vegan stalls, plus many options for all palettes and dietary requirements. As part of our commitment to reduce the use of plastics on site all plastic serveware is banned.

We have strict criteria and all trades who apply to Boomtown must meet our criteria of:
✔ All meat and dairy products must be British and from a Free range source
✔ Provide local produce where possible
✔ Provide organic and seasonal produce where possible
✔ Use Fair Trade products

To limit the impact we make, throughout the five-week build process Boomtown reduces its meat consumption by having Meat Free Mondays for all crew.