Be A Part Of The Story

Be A Part Of The Story

Chapter One's Costume Theme is CELEBRATION!

We love encouraging all of our citizens to be a part of the Boomtown story, creating their own character and expressing themselves within the Boomtown world. Step into the city and step out of the role of spectator, become a participant and enter into the story that will be unfolding around you… 

Choose your character, and think COLOUR, new beginnings, sunrise celebrations, bacchanalian balls, parades, prom night, solstices, birthdays, weddings, funerals, changing seasons and feasts for the eyes. Unleash your inner party animal and dust off your finest party attire... we want to see you dressed up to get down!

This year, we will have a dedicated fancy dress day where everyone will come together to dress to impress.  This will be announced later in the year but as always you can express yourself through costume whenever and however you want across the weekend.

Conscious Costumes Respect the Planet & Each Other

The fashion industry and the clothing we buy has a huge impact on the planet and the people that produce them. Please be conscious of what you're making your amazing costumes out of or where you’re sourcing them from.

We’d always recommend shopping second hand, borrowing from a friend or upcycling something that's lost and forgotten at the back of your wardrobe. We’ll be giving you more ideas and inspiration as the year goes on…

‘Respect Each Other’ is at the heart of everything we do at Boomtown and this also applies to not just outward actions but to costume choices too. We want to stress the importance of not wearing a costume that is appropriating anyone's culture. 

Please be mindful of the roots of your costume's inspiration, the lines are not always clear between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation. As a general rule, if you have to ask yourself if something is appropriation then steer away from it!

As a festival, we know that this is something we haven’t been innocent of in the past. We’ve taken steps over the past few years to make changes and to explore, learn and grow. We’re dedicated to keeping this conversation going because we want Boomtown to be home to everyone. A city where all our citizens, from all walks of life, feel safe, respected and welcomed.