Campsite Villages

One of the biggest changes is the evolution of the living experience at Boomtown!    

Brand new to Chapter One is the introduction of three beautiful campsites that are positioned just above the city.  Free to everyone, this prime real estate has been chosen specifically because it offers the flattest camping space and has been designed with one aim in mind; to provide all our citizens with a sanctuary.  A place to rest, connect together as a community, new and old, whilst overlooking the action of the Main City below! 

In the very centre of each campsite is its Campsite Village, with a large central tower similar to the Central Plaza tower in the Main City. Each campsite offers the same experience and is packed full of healing workshops, yoga spaces, Speaker’s Corner and acoustic music, plus quiet spaces to chill out, fabulous food and communal fire pits perfect for a spontaneous jam! 

As always, if you feel like you would like to take advantage of a pre-pitched option and take the hassle of bringing your own tent with you, or would like to explore the options of a more sophisticated stay with showers, flushing toilets and pamper facilities head over to our ‘Sleep’ section and our Facilities Page to learn more about camping experiences at Boomtown.  For information about The Meadow which is our accessible camping, visit our Accessibility page for all the info you need.