Boomtown Fair Essential Guide '19

Boomtown Fair Essential Guide '19


1. Key Information: Location, Dates, Times (Gates and Music)
2. Ticket and Entry Requirements: ID, Citizencards, Re-entry, Teens & Children, Teen Ticket Amnesty
3. Alcohol limits, Drugs Policy and Security Searches
4. Car park passes
5. Arrival: 8 Ways to get to the festival!

5.1 Arriving by coach
5.2 Arriving by train and shuttle
5.3 Cycling or Walking
5.4 Car Sharing
5.5 Getting dropped off
5.6 Private hire coach
5.7 Arriving by car
5.8 Arriving by campervan
5.9 Arriving on Wednesday

6. Heading Home
7. Camping

1. Key Information


Matterley Estate, Hampshire, SO21 1HW


Wednesday 7th - Sunday 11th August 2018
Wednesday 7th August is an optional extra day.
If you’ve not already arranged Wednesday Entry Tickets, they can be requested here.


City Gate Opening Times - Gates are not open 24 hours!!

Gate opening times:

Wednesday 7th August: 14:00- 21:30
Thursday 8th August: 12:00 - 21:30

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: 10:00 - 21:30

Car Parks: Open 10:00 - 21:00 (No entry into any car park after 21:00)

Although entry is not 24hrs, attendees can leave at any time. If you leave after 21:30, you will not be readmitted until gates open the next morning.


Thursday: 12:00 - 00:00 (street venues and medium stages only)
Friday: 12:00 - 04:00
Saturday: 12:00 - 04:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 00:00

2. Tickets & Entry Requirements

Checklist before you get to the gate!

Printed ticket ✔
Vehicle passes /  travel tickets ✔
Valid ID ✔
Food & water provisions ✔
Weather dependent supplies - suncream/hat/waterproofs ✔

Top tips for a smooth entry:

  • Pack light! Your belongings may be searched on entry, so reduce your waiting time and only bring the essentials.
  • Be aware that anyone with trollies or large luggage will be subject to a higher level of search. There are limited lanes where this takes place so may slow down your arrival.
  • Width limit applies: The lanes at the gates are 900mm wide, any bags or trollies that do not fit the lanes will not be permitted entry and you’ll be asked to return them to your car.
  • There is no fast-track entrance! Gates open at 12 midday on Thursday (or 2 pm on Wednesday if you have a Wednesday ticket), arriving earlier does not guarantee that you will get in any quicker!

Names on Tickets

The name on the ticket must match the name on your ID. Names on tickets can be updated by logging into your TheTicketSellers Account account. If you change the name on your ticket after you have downloaded the ticket PDF or passbook file you’ll need to download it again to make sure it shows the updated name. (Please note: you can only change the name on each ticket once)

ID Checks

Our ID checking teams will be working at every gate and operating a Challenge 25 policy. If you have an adult ticket and are unable to prove you are aged 18 or over you will be refused entry to the festival.

Acceptable forms of ID include; photographic driving license, proof of age card with PASS hologram or a passport. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Anyone under 18 must have a children’s or teen ticket and be attending with a parent / guardian aged 30 and over (read on for further details).


To avoid having to bring valuable documents such as a driving licence or passport to the festival (100’s end up in lost property every year) head over to the CitizenCard website for more details on their widely accepted ID cards. Use the code BOOMTOWN to get a £5 discount.

It takes a few weeks for your application to be processed so apply for your card ASAP.


If you need to pop to your car for anything throughout the weekend re-entry is allowed during the times that the gates are operational ( Friday - Sunday 10:00am - 9:30pm.)

Although you can go back to your car on Wednesday or Thursday, you’ll need to rejoin the back of the queue to be searched each time you come into the festival. Most people arrive on Wednesday or Thursday so the gates will be busy.

Plan ahead, and bring all the essentials with you on the first trip so you can leave extra trips until towards the end of the day or the next morning. Please note that there is no re-entry with alcohol.

Age Policy, Teens & Children

We are a place for all generations; families, babies, toddlers, teenagers, young uns, wise ones, and all and everyone in between will receive a warm welcome. However, in the interests of public safety, we do have rules in place to ensure that everyone is safeguarded.

Teen Tickets (13 - 17)

  • All teen ticket holders must be accompanied by a parent/guardian aged 30 or over, who is responsible for them throughout the duration of the festival.
  • Teen tickets may only be purchased by the accompanying parent/guardian after purchasing an adult ticket.
  • Teen tickets are linked to the parent/guardian's ticket and ticket holders must go to the box office together at any gate (NOT the main ticket exchange) to collect your wristbands. There will be a separate queue for this so look for the signs or ask a steward.
  • Unaccompanied teen ticket holders will be refused entry.
  • Any unaccompanied teen found on site will be taken to the child and youth welfare centre to await collection by their parent/guardian.
  • Please refer to Boomtown's terms & conditions for rules relating to teens at the festival.

Child Tickets

Child tickets (12 and under) can be purchased by an adult. The same adult must be with the child when they collect their wristband and children must be accompanied at all times. Please go to the box office next to any of the main ticket exchanges to collect you and your child’s wristbands. There will be a separate queue for this so look for the signs or ask a steward.

Teens with Adult Tickets Amnesty

If you have purchased an Adult ticket but are under the age of 18 you will be refused entry to the festival and no refund will be offered. Don’t risk it.

If you have already purchased an adult ticket, but are underage, we are offering an amnesty on these tickets from 14th June - 1st July.

  • If there is a parent/guardian over 30 who can accompany you throughout the festival your adult ticket can be swapped into their name and they can then purchase a Teen Ticket for you. There are a limited number of Teen Tickets available and these will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.
  • If there is no guardian over 30 available to accompany you then please contact TheTicketSellers for a refund on your ticket.

Please phone TheTicketSellers on 0844 870 0000 or email to swap or get a refund for your ticket (minus booking fees).

Public Transport Saver Tickets:

If you have a Coach, Shuttle or Cycle public transport saver ticket you must travel by that mode of transport in order for your ticket to be validated on arrival. If you don’t travel by your chosen method your ticket will not be validated on arrival.

PA Tickets:

If you have been approved for a PA ticket this will be attached to the Ticket Sellers account with which you purchased your festival ticket. Please update the personal details on the PA ticket to ensure they match the person’s ID. To do this log in to your TheTicketSellers account.

3. Alcohol limits, Drugs Policy and Security Searches

Alcohol Limits

You are welcome to bring a personal amount of alcohol with you to the festival. Please note there are limits on the amount and types of alcohol permitted.

You may bring up to:

  • 16 x 440ml cans of lager/cider/beer or,
  • 18 x 250ml cans of premix spirit drinks or,
  •  3-litre box of wine or,
  • 7 litres of cider/lager/beer in (sealed) plastic bottles or cans.

Big No-Nos:

  • No spirits
  • No glass or open (unsealed) bottles
  • No alcohol permitted on RE-ENTRY

Drugs Policy:

  • The possession, use or sale of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at Boomtown, this includes Nitrous Oxide and all New Psychoactive Substances.
  • Amnesty points will be located on the approach to the festival gates for any contraband or illegal items to be disposed of.
  • Be aware that search dogs will be in operation at the gates at all times.
  • Any person found in possession of illegal drugs past the amnesty points, and before reaching the entrance, will be refused entry and evicted from the festival site immediately.

Read our full Drugs & Safety page here.

Do not risk it. Do not bring drugs into the city.

Additional prohibited items include; spray cans and marker pens, knives including locking knives, any kind of weapon, glass, open bottles of any kind of liquid that can be consumed and sound systems.
For a full list of prohibited items see section 5 in our Terms and Conditions. 

Even with all these provisions in place to keep drugs out of the festival, it is unfortunately inevitable that some will manage to get in, and we have been working hard over the past few years to introduce further services within the festival to reduce harm and keep people as safe as we can:

Harm Reduction Provisions:

The Loop - We have hired The Loop to offer their groundbreaking MAST (Multi Agency Safety Testing) drug composition testing and counselling service to our festival-goers for free.

Trained Drug Counsellors at campsite hubs - For anyone who may have a question about drug safety, want some advice or simply just someone to chat to about anything that might be on your mind, please pay them a visit for judgement free advice and support.

Chill Welfare - the award-winning Welfare team are back to offer support and welfare services for anyone who feels they may need it. Please pay them a visit if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by anything or just need a bit of TLC. They are based next to each of the medical centres.

Medical - With two 24 hour medical centres onsite, and a fully stocked pharmacy, we can help with a huge amount of ailments and afflictions; the main centre is within Hilltop this year, just inside the campsite, and there is a satellite centre on the main drag in Downtown. If you or a friend find yourselves in urgent need of medical assistance, and cannot make your own way to these medical centres, please find your nearest steward or Boomtown representative immediately and they will get one of the onsite ambulances to you as soon as possible.

4. Car Park Passes

  • Car parking passes will be sent out in the post in late July and via ‘signed for’ delivery. Please  make sure you have the most convenient address on your TheTicketSellers account for them to be sent to for a signature upon receipt.
  • If you need to change the address that it will be posted to please update the address in your TheTicketSellers account by 12 noon on 21st June.
  • If you are planning to travel to the festival by car and you haven’t purchased your car park pass yet you can buy it in advance for £26 + booking fee here. To purchase a car park pass for The Meadow (accessible camping) please email
  • You must purchase your car park pass by 12 noon 21st June to ensure they reach you in time. After this date car parking passes will no longer be available to purchase in advance and will be £40 at the gate. (If you arrive without a car parking pass you will need to purchase a new one at the gate - so keep it safe and don’t forget it!)
  • Follow the instructions that arrive with your pass and remember to stick it to your windscreen before you set out. It will help the traffic marshalls to direct you to the right place.

5. Important Arrival Information : 8 Ways to get to the festival!

However you’re choosing to come to the festival this year, make sure you plan your journey in advance! If you haven’t made arrangements yet please consider taking one of the greener public transport options like our coach service (from over 50 locations!) or catch the train and make use of our shuttle. If you do decide to drive - don’t forget to buy your car pass by the 21st June and check out GoCarShare to find people looking for lifts.

Residents of The Meadow (accessible camping) arriving by public transport can use a wheelchair accessible shuttle service to reach Meadow Gate.


National Express operate our coach service which travels right to the city gates from over 50 locations around the UK direct. Coaches arrive on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and all depart for home on Monday.

Any type of ticket holder can purchase a coach pass from our ticket page here, there are seats still available to book from all locations.

Once you have booked via TheTicketSellers you will receive an e-ticket 7 days prior to the date of travel from National Express which includes all your travel information – simply print this out and present to the driver. Make sure you keep it in a safe place for use on your Monday return journey!

For any enquiries about your coach please contact National Express directly on 0371 781 8181. They will be able to assist with any changes to your ticket.


The nearest train station to Boomtown is Winchester Train station.

We offer a shuttle bus service, the X90 (wheelchair accessible), from the train station straight to the festival.

On exiting the platform, please head straight ahead if you hold a public ticket. Follow the directions of the stewards to the back of the queue

A return ticket costs £10, please have cash ready to pay for your ticket.

If you have purchased a ticket to the festival which includes shuttle travel then please show this ticket to the boarding staff. They will scan it and give you your shuttle tickets - keep them safe as they can only be issued once for each barcode.

From Winchester Train Station to Boomtown West Gate:

Frequently Wednesday 12:00 - 20:30
Very frequently Thursday 10:00 - 21:00
Regularly Friday 09:00 -  19:00
Regularly Saturday 09:00 - 19:00
Regularly Sunday 09:00 - 20:00

From Boomtown to Winchester Train station:

All above shuttles will run on a loop.
Sunday shuttles will run until 21:00
Monday return shuttles 6:30 - 17:00


If you are cycling to the site, please follow the Blue patch on the directional signage. This will take you to West Gate. Route 23 on The National Cycle Network runs close to site, for more information see Sustrans here.

An area within West Gate will be fenced for cycle parking. It is close to the gate, so will be monitored, but is not a secure facility.

After the success of the Bristol to Boomtown bike ride last year, we are  running an additional route from London to Boomtown in partnership with Red Fox who are taking cyclists on a guided route to the festival, arriving on Wednesday afternoon, where you’ll receive a complementary programme, drink vouchers and a luxury hot shower when you arrive.

Walking to Boomtown is not recommended as the main roads accessing the festival are not suitable for pedestrians. If walking - please head towards Winchester train station where you will be able to take the shuttle to the festival.


GoCarShare are linking people up who are looking for lifts/ offering lifts - helping you to make new friends and cutting down on carbon emissions.

GoCarShare links drivers up with potential passengers and vice versa so head over here to find a lift or a driver, slash congestion and leave no car space wasted!

Remember - if you are arriving on Wednesday you must have three or more people in the car. The rule does not apply if you arrive any other day but of course, we'd recommend car sharing to limit your impact on the planet! 


Please follow the Pick-up and Drop Off signage to the site. This will take you to just outside the West Gate. Please note there is no drop off facility available on Wednesday so please consider using a coach or shuttle travel option to arrive at the festival.

If you need to go to another destination on site, then you will have been sent a routing pass which will allow you access to the following

  • Green Route – for Family and Meadow (Accessible) and East Pre-Pitched Camping ticket holders

No other gates or routes should be used for dropping off, as it’s likely you’ll end up in a car park queue. If you have been dropped off at Meadow Gate on the way in please speak to a member of staff from The Meadow, Family Campsite or the box office at Meadow Gate so that they can help you arrange a taxi for your return journey as there will be no taxi rank here.

DO NOT get dropped off on the road outside the site. Not only is it dangerous for you, but it also causes delays on the roads and seriously risks our licence to hold the event if you do this you are jeopardising the future of the festival.


If you and your friends are booking your own coach or minibus (10+ seats on Wednesday or 18+ seats from Thursday ) please note that you MUST book a slot in advance. This costs £50 per vehicle (this covers both drop-off and collection on Monday) find all details here.

For the Public Transport Hub (Coach Station) please follow the Blue patches on the directional signage – you will also see a coach symbol.

On entry to the gate, you will turn hard left to go down the hill – there is hardstanding within the gate allowing you to do this, so there is no need to swing wide if you are coming up the hill.

Head down the hill to the Coach Park, the nearest end is dedicated to Private Hire Coaches.

Upon arrival, please do not allow your passengers to disembark until you have been greeted by one of the Boomtown team.This person will arrange your collection time slot and ensure that you have a pass to regain entry on Monday – without it, the coach will not be allowed access to site on Monday 12th August.


Blue Badge parking is available at all public car parks - please show your badge to a steward or security to be directed to this area.

Car Pass FAQ's can be found here.

7.1 Main Car Park

As you get close (within 3 miles) of the festival, switch off your sat nav and follow the Public Parking Symbol on the directional signage (a white ‘P’ on a blue background)

These will direct you into the car parks by the best routes for the traffic conditions.

Please ensure that you have affixed your parking sticker to the windscreen before you leave home. This will enable us to direct you correctly and will help speed access into the car parks.

The car parks access North, South and East gates, so if you are meeting or arriving with friends, we recommend that you meet up away from the festival site at a prearranged service station and follow each other in so that you park in the same car park.

When leaving please follow the road signage, do not use your sat nav. Most people leave the festival between 10:00 and 12:00 on Monday, so if you wish to beat any queues, it’s best to set off earlier.

7.2 Other Car Parks - you will have a specific car pass if you are required to be in any of the other car parks


Please ensure that your car park stickers are affixed to your windscreen before you leave home to assist us in directing you correctly and to help speed up entry.

When you leave the festival, please follow the directions of the traffic marshalls - you may be forced to turn a specific way which does not match your sat nav instructions – this is to take you away from the queues from the main car parks and help make your departure quicker. Please follow exit route signage which will take you to the M3, A34 and London and don’t u-turn. Don’t follow sat nav instructions until you stop seeing our directional signage - some roads are closed on Monday to help improve traffic flow so following sat nav instructions may send you in circles!

Most people leave between 10:00 and 12:00, so if you wish to beat any queues, please leave before this.

8. CAMPERVANS (inc Family and The Meadow)

  • All Campervans should access the site via Orange route which is on the A272.
  • Please follow the Green patches on the directional signage.
  • Please print out your Campervan Routing Pass (it will be sent to your email or can also be found in your TheTicketSellers Account). Make sure the pass is clearly displayed in your windscreen well before you reach the festival site so that our traffic marshals can direct you to the right place.
  • On entrance to the gate, all campervans need to turn right. Family and Meadow Campervans will be directed into specific lanes - look out for the signs or ask a traffic marshall if you are unsure.
  • You can expect thorough searching at the gates, and may be pulled aside for police and security dog searches.
  • You will need to exchange your routing pass for your Campervan Sticker and have all your ID and festival tickets available for scanning so that wristbands can be issued.
  • Once inside the campervan area, please be conscious of the spacing of your vehicles as the fire lanes MUST be kept clear at all times. We ask that follow the guidance of the staff parking you up, and park your campervan lengthwise along the left hand edge of your pitch and closest to the fire avenue – this will keep spacing between vehicles to a maximum.

When you leave the festival, you will be forced to turn left onto the A272 – this is to take you away from the queues from the main car parks. Please follow exit route signage which will take you to the M3, A34 and London.

Most people leave between 10:00 and 12:00, so if you wish to beat any queues, please leave before this.

Did you know that audience travel makes up about 70% of a festival's carbon footprint? For every car park pass sold we donate £1 to Energy Revolution to turn your travel miles into clean energy. Read more of our sustainability policies here. 



  • Every person arriving on Wednesday needs to have a Wednesday entry add on to their TheTicketSellers account.
  • Gates to the festival will open at 14:00 on Wednesday 7th May. Some coaches will arrive before this.
  • All car parks open from 12:00

6. Heading Home

The festival site closes at midday on Monday. Please make sure you have cleaned up your camp and taken all your belongings with you before making your way to the exits before midday.

When you leave the Boomtown site, you may be sent in a direction that you are unfamiliar with and goes against the instructions on your sat nav. This is PLANNED to take you away from the worst of the congestion.

Please do not follow your Sat Nav or your phone until you are well away from the site – the suggestion is 10 miles – particularly if you are heading for the Midlands or the Southwest.

The M3/A34 Junction is extremely slow, so please avoid using it if at all possible, whilst staying on major roads. It is quicker to drive 20 miles out of your way than to access the M3/A34 junction.

Directional signage will be in place to take you in the direction of the M3 (N&S), the A34 and towards London. Although not the most direct route, these will be quicker than following your Sat Nav.

Queues around the site start at around 10:00 am so if you don’t like sitting in a queue, then please plan to leave before that time.

Plan your journey well in advance. Ensure that your driver is well rested and in a legal state to drive… DO NOT drive if you think you might be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

7. Camping

General Camping info: Coming Soon.

The Meadow

The Meadow is our accessible camping area, hosted by GAMA Access Areas CIC who provide practical advice and support for those wishing to attend who have accessibility requirements. The Meadow can house tents, campervans, caravans or trailer tents, if you would like to arrange to stay in The Meadow or you have any other questions about accessibility, please contact The Meadow team will be in contact to prepare for your arrival and individual requirements in order to make sure your entry to the festival is as smooth and easy as possible.

For more information about the accessible facilities available at Boomtown please see the Accessibility section on our website.

Meadow Residents will receive a Welcome Pack with additional information for their arrival and stay at the Meadow campsite.

8. Eco Bonds


9. Added Extras


Zooloos provide showers, flushing loos and pampering facilities at two locations on the site.

Choose from Downtown (west campsite) or Hilltop (east campsite). Please note you can only use the showers in the location you select, but can access the loos and pamper areas at both locations.

Handy hint: It’s best to avoid showering during peak times (10am-2pm) as there will be a queue, but reasonably swift outside of these times .

Zooloos are open from 07:00 – 00:00 each day. Passes can still be purchased here under 'other items'.


  • Locker areas are manned between 08:00 - 22:00 daily. During this time you can register for your locker.
  • Downtown ticket holders can redeem their locker voucher at the Downtown locker station located in the West side campsites next to Zoo Loos
  • Hilltop ticket holders can redeem their locker voucher at the Hilltop locker station at the entrance to the East Campsite.
  • Each locker has a free 12v power supply (in-car cigarette lighter type – not USB) please bring your own in-car charger especially for Apple phones.
  • £5 deposit is payable at the festival for padlock & key (refundable on return) or bring your own 32mm padlock or smaller.
  • No ticket = no locker – please bring either your paper or mobile ticket or you will not be able to access your locker
  • Large locker size: 22cm wide x 15cm deep x 29cm high. (SOLD OUT)
  • Standard locker size: 22cm wide x 15cm deep x 9cm high.
  • You must only use the locker issued to you.
  • You will be given a wristband with your allocated locker number and colour, then a bio metric scan of your finger will be taken which allows you 24 hour access through the full height turnstile into the locker area.
  • Please RESPECT the lockers – do not deliberately damage or deface.  If caught doing so, you will be removed from the festival.
  • Locker areas are monitored by CCTV for your safety and the security of your valuables.
  • IMPORTANT!  Please note lockers are not big enough to fit your entire wardrobe or suitcase in.  They are suitable for small valuables only i.e. passport, money, phone, camera, etc.

All lockers will need to be cleared by noon on Monday/

Lockers can still be purchased here under 'other items'.

Phone Charging

  • You will be asked to show ID that matches the name on your pass.
  • Drop your phone in at any of the four Charge Candy Stations, leave it with the friendly staff, collect your reclaim ticket and pick up your fully charged phone later on.
  • Locations are: West Campsite (next to ZooLoo showers), East Campsite (next to ZooLoo showers), Boomtown Springs entrance and by the Lion’s Den arena.
  • Please check opening times at the Charge Candy station when you drop your phone off (each location has different opening times).

Phone charging can still be purchased here under 'other items'.