Environmental Mission

It feels like the world has changed over the past 12 months and we’re waking up to the unbelievable and almost irreversible damage that humankind has had on the planet and every single species that inhabits this truly magnificent world of ours. We simply can not continue to consume in the way we currently are, and it’s all of our responsibility to act now and make significant changes to our lifestyles to ensure we come together to protect our world, our environment and our future for the next generations.

Our main priority for this year is to focus fully on what we can do within the festival and our audience reach, we have been completely rethinking the event in every aspect to radically reduce the impact. For 2019 and beyond, we are putting the imminent environmental crisis front and centre of our messaging and deep into the fabric of our event planning and infrastructure.

Please see below for a number of schemes, systems and processes we are looking to implement across the entire planning and implementation of the event, (these will be added to throughout the year) as well as ideas and tips on what you can do to help us make the huge changes that are required.

A brief overview of what we’re doing:

  • Campsites: One of the main missions for this year is to do everything we can to help ensure that campsite waste becomes a thing of the past! No leftover tents, no half-eaten food waste, not discarded camping chairs. This is a two-way street so please read our campsite waste section on all we are implementing and how you can help!
  • Fuel: reducing our fuel consumption by 50% through overhauling our entire power plan and factoring in power requirements at every stage of the planning process to drastically reduce them. i.e. LED lighting across site, installing mains power supply using green energy, rather than diesel-powered generators.
  • Travel: target of 40% of attendees arriving by public transport - 2018 achieved 35% so this is highly achievable! // working with all artists and contractors offset their travel to and from the festival // a carbon balancing levy is added to all car park passes for the public.
    Food: prioritising local, seasonal, sustainable, free-range and vegetarian/vegan stalls.
  • Eradicating single-use plastic: The facts about plastic waste are terrifying. Among other aspects of the festival planning, we continue to work with our fellow festivals to eliminate single-use plastic from our environment. This includes cheap camping equipment; tents, chairs, airbeds etc…
  • Zero Waste Mission: We will strive to be zero waste and where everyone reuses, recycles and there’s no such thing as a single use or a throwaway society.
  • Changing perceptions and encouraging positive change: one of the main missions we’re on is to inspire change in ourselves and everyone in attendance at the festival to ensure that, together, as one huge community, we can do everything in our power to halt the devastating outlook for all life on this planet. Together, we really can make the difference that is so urgently needed.

You can download our environmental mission statement in FULL here