Slime Time

Slime Time


Radioactive waste bleeds through DSTRKT 5: a consequence of technological abundance. We were cold breathless. Lonely... Contact is as valuable as the oxygen for sale; the air is polluted, it is getting harder to breathe and technology has left us numb... The last remaining Leopard Slugs alongside lost orphans of the radioactive, out spill could be found scavenging from hazardous waste bins... until something changed... A sort of \Toxic Love\" was born between Humans and Slugs in their struggle for survival....  Inhabitants of DSTRKT 5 had coalesced with slime from the last remaining Leopard Slugs. The glowing radioactive waste absorbed the slime‚ conductive sensory properties; heightening connection and amplifying feeling... Touching and bonding through hybridised waste the synthesis of iridescent essence united its disjointed inhabitants... Come and entwine with us.... We are the beacon of hope in a disaffected world, the luminescent essence of Love you crave. We are what slithers beneath your fear and hate to entangle your soul in our hybridised waste. In Slime Time you will find a surreal, sensual and tactile retreat from the toxic backdrop of DSTRKT 5; intertwining and coiling amongst the slime there is no technology to communicate only touch and luminescent slug trails.

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