Malice In Wasteland

Malice In Wasteland


In the desolate post-apocalyptic wilderness of futuristic DSTRKT5, a band of scavenging miscreants named Malice in Wasteland reside by the last surviving tree of Boomtown, alongside the giant robotic spiders and scorpions of The Mechanical Menagerie. Resources are scarce, and in return for making an offering of 'sacred relics' to the Recyclops, found in the wastelands of DSTRKT 5, you may join the creative community of futuristic survivors. There will be daily costumed life-drawing sessions from 2pm - 4pm, and as dusk falls the scavengers will make a ritual pilgrimage procession and pay homage to The Tree of Life... the last tree in Boomtown. Venue open daily from 1pm with live DJs performing on Squishy the Scorpion Soundsystem, immersive interactive characters, post-apocalyptic performance and creative workshops.

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