Malice In Wasteland

Malice In Wasteland


A place where man and machine collide and biomechanical creatures lurk in the shadows. Discover a neon lit world where bodies entwined with alien technology await you...  Come and draw our biomechanical models and cybernetic characters in the deepest depths of DSTRKT5; where we aim to create a juxtaposition between the soft curvatures of the human form with the harsh angular shapes of the man made. Find yourselves immersed in a world of dystopian, miscreants mischievous, clairvoyants, scavenging misfits and mis-wired pleasure-bots! Drawing materials provided in exchange for a DSTRKT Fiver or something shiny... Malice In Wasteland and The Mechanical Menagerie will also be joining forces once again for 'Ground Zero!' In a world ravaged by an inevitable man made apocalypse, crash landing from the multiverse of the future Malice in Wasteland and The Mechanical Menagerie, roam across time and space in an epic fight for survival. Expect a pyrotechnic post-apocalyptic performance with cyborgs giant robotic scorpions and tarantulas.

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