Church of Noctua

Church of Noctua


Boomtown’s last bastion of hope is the revered ‘Tree of Life’ - the last tree in Boomtown. She is considered a sacred deity. Her followers are called The Church of Noctua. The Church long for the reunification of the elements in a world where sacred natural resources are scarce and harnessed in new ways. They draw in brilliant minds of their generation but never forgetting the everyday people who form the growing legions of their followers. They have their fingers entwined around the beating heart of Boomtown’s future. They can be found in small processions reciting mantras of hope in the streets, along to tambourine and bell sounds. Or regular energetic nightly scenes of worship and offerings by the tree. Or within the walls of the Church of Noctua; praising, preaching, teaching, accepting all, and witnessing daily miracles. All are welcome into The Church of Noctua.

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