Freak Boutique Punk Bar

Diss-order Alley

Celebrating feisty and ferocious bands and acts to Downtown’s dissident delinquents of Diss-order Alley! Spanning all the punk subgenres from ska to folk to rave and dub, expect the best of hard hitting underground music, some of the scenes best kept secrets and DIY favourites, in a cozy central hub in amongst the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Our doors are open to all, expect values of equality, acceptance, mutual aid, and raging against the machine with musical mayhem and riotous revelry!

Freak Boutique Punk Bar Artists

  1. 51st State


  3. Brassick

  4. Bridget Hart

  5. Cara Means Friend

  6. Casey

  7. Dead Happy


  9. Efa Supertramp

  10. Killdren

  11. Matty G & Li'l Winter

  12. Millie Manders

  13. Snakerattlers

  14. Spanner

  15. The Barracks

  16. The Dancing Morons


  18. The Zipheads

  19. X Ray Cat Trio

  20. X-ray Spexercise

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