Lawless Halls of Justice

Lawless Halls of Justice

Copper County

Order in Court! The trials are now in session. Do you have a dispute or need to teach someone a lesson? We bring the law to thieves. We can arrange a quickie divorce. Where else will you turn if someone steals your horse? Bring your claim to our Copper County Courtroom. All sides of the case will be observed. But know that whether you’re innocent or guilty. That true justice will be served. The Lawless Halls of Justice is feared by outlaws far and wide. Our Judge is most ‘honourable’ and certainly ‘not’ open to bribes. And when the sentencing has ended and the criminals are behind bars we’lll celebrate into the night with TechYES Croaktek and a host of DJ superstars. **** Had an accident that wasn’t your fault? Looking for compensation, revenge, or just piece of mind? Bring your friends or enemies in front of the judge and let our team of highly trained lawyers settle your dispute. No win, no fee. Those found guilty will be punished. Courthouse trials by day, banging music by night! The UK’s finest underground producers and DJs playing techno, pumping minimal, trippy psy-tech, wonky electro, fatty breaks and 4x4.

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