Flying Moustache (New Stage for 2019)

Flying Moustache (New Stage for 2019)

Copper County

Since the dawn of time, man has dreamed of soaring with the birds, to reach up and touch the clouds. Well, for the first time...

THE MARVELLOUS WRONG BROTHERS are opening the doors of the Flying Moustache for visitors at this year's Boomtown Fair! Come feast your eyes on the incredible flying machines, and meet the men and women who dare to taunt the heavens! All this to a diverse soundtrack of live music - from jazz to hip hop to party punk you never know what awaits you beyond the doors of the Flying Moustache!

Flying Moustache (New Stage for 2019) Artists


  2. Dirty Alex




  6. Local

  7. Madi

  8. Mairaj and the Family

  9. Para Fiction

  10. Rebel Control

  11. rev schnider and the band of angels

  12. Sir Curse

  13. Skamma

  14. Slowie

  15. Terra Viva

  16. The Balkaneers

  17. The Bare Souls

  18. The Cabarats

  19. The High Breed

  20. The Roustabouts Collective

  21. The Sweetchunks Band

  22. Traxx

  23. Year of the Dog

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