Tipis (sleeps 2-6)

Tipis (sleeps 2-6)

A tipi is a magical home and an iconic festival favourite. They keep you both warm at night and cool during the day and are incredibly spacious.

We have 2 types of Tipis for you to choose from:

Minimal fuss Tipi (sleeps 2-6, no beds)


  • complete traditional tipi
  • raincatcher
  • carpet flooring
  • doormat
  • LED lantern
  • waste bin


    • Snug 12ft Tipi, Minimal Fuss, Sleeps 2: £450
    • Small 14ft Tipi, Minimal Fuss, Sleeps 3-4: £550
    • Medium 18ft Tipi, Minimal Fuss, Sleeps 5-6: £600

    If you'd like a little extra, we offer a Comfort Tipi option perfect for large groups:

    Comfort Tipi, Large (sleeps 6-9, no beds)

    Furnish includes:

    • complete traditional tipi
    • waterproof groundsheet
    • liner
    • rainhat/catcher
    • carpet flooring
    • coir entrance matt
    • waste bin
    • handwoven rugs
    • low rosewood table
    • decorative hanging lanterns
    • table lantern.


    • Large 21ft Comfort Tipi, Sleeps 6-9: £730

    Bedding Options

    Add bedding options to any of the Tipis.

    Futon mattress, sheet, pillow, 13.5 tog duvet and woollen blanket

    • Single Bed & Bedding Pack £60
    • Double Bed & Bedding Pack £100

    You can book these on our ticketing page here.

    If you are booking bedding for a Tipi please contact the supplier after booking to confirm your bed requirements: hearthworksltd@gmail.com

    Please email CampSkylark@boomtownfair.co.uk if you have any questions, we are here to make your booking as stress-free as possible.

    ** Prices do not include Festival Entry Tickets or Camp Skylark Resident Wristbands. Each person staying in your accommodation must purchase a Festival Entry Ticket AND Camp Skylark Resident Wristband.**