Camp Orchid FAQs

Camp Orchid FAQs

Everything you need to know about your stay at Camp Orchid.

Camp Orchid

Yes, you need to purchase a festival ticket to enter the festival. The Camp Orchid wristband is for access to this campsite only.

Camp Orchid is in a prime location next to North Gatet and perfectly placed between both Hilltop and Downtown!

You will need to purchase a Camp Orchid Car Park Pass, these are £26 in advance. These can be bought from our Ticket Page here. They are limited availability so please buy in advance to avoid disappointment when you arrive. To help with space and reduce your carbon footprint PLEASE CAR SHARE if you can, we’re aiming for at least 3 people per car!

No, spaces are first come first serve, however the campsite will have ample space for everyone who books so you won’t have a problem finding a space.

No, this whole campsite is for those bringing their own tent. All pre-pitched options such as Bell Tents and Tipis are location in Camp Skylark, more info here. Other pre-pitched options are Camplight and Tangerine Fields.

The toilets are flushing toilets that are cleaned and monitored regularly throughout the festival. There are also extra compostable toilets located in various places around this campsite that have extra attendants to keep them clean.

Yes, there will be an accessible washroom and toilet.

No, there are no showers anywhere else on site - unless you have booked Camp Skylark, family camping or accessible camping.

There are also luxury flushing toilets located in Hilltop and Downtown. If you have a Camp Orchid wristband you can also access these toilets any time!

If you are only after flushing toilets, you can access the ones located in Hilltop and Downtown whenever you want simply by purchasing a weekend luxury toilet wristband for £25. 

Sorry, all Camp Orchid wristband bookings are non-refundable.

No, all 12s and under can come in for free!

Yes, anyone 13 or over requires a Camp Orchid Wristband.

You can access the campsite from 2pm on Wednesday. Check out is 11am Monday 17th August.