About Camp Orchid

About Camp Orchid

Open to all who have purchased the Camp Orchid camping wristband, this affordable, sectioned off campsite offers spacious camping with full access to a pamper parlour experience that includes hot showers, flushing toilets, mirrors, hair straighteners and dryers.

Additionally, you’ll find a cosy cafe with seating and a fire pit all to create a relaxing chill-out space to call your home for the duration of the fair. The wristband also allows to use the flushing toilets that are located in 2 places (Hilltop and Downtown) within the festival.

This campsite is pre-booking only so all the facilities and camping spots will be allocated to maximise space and comfort.

Available to book NOW


    Next to North Gate, just a short walk through the woods and you are in Paradise Heights! Whether arriving via public transport (West Gate) or via car (North Gate) both are located in relative close proximity to Camp Orchid.


    • Welcome Reception Tent
    • 24 hour security 
    • Hot showers
    • Flushing toilets
    • Mirrors, hair straighteners and dryers in the pamper parlour
    • Access to flushing loos in the festival (located in Hilltop and Downtown) as well as in the campsite 
    • Cafe and chill out space
    • Access to close proximity parking in Purple Car Park by North Gate (Car Park passes at additional cost, £26 in advance) 
    • Cafe, seating and chill out area with cosy fire pit