Boomtown Springs

Boomtown Springs

2020 Information Coming Soon! ✨

Welcome to utopia in suburbia, the theatrical residential quarter in the heart of the city.

Boomtown Springs, the tranquil, picket-fenced community where things are not quite as they seem…

Our take on VIP, doing it the way we know how; with gregarious characters perfecting their punts on the croquet pitch, flamboyant frolickers sunning themselves by the pool and ostentatiously beautiful people as far as the eye can see!! That’s you, that’s everyone, that’s Boomtown Springs…

Boomtown Springs not only provides a tangent and spin-off to the main storyline to explore but also for those of you looking to make your Boomtown experience extra special (and beyond anything you’ve ever imagined could happen at a dairy farm whilst the cows are away)… then desist your intrigue, look no further, here are your answers!

Enough preamble, what actually is Boomtown Springs?? Boomtown Springs is 5 days of festival alongside a gloriously spacious camping area to erect your own tent in or book from the rather fabulous Springs pre-pitched catalogue, plus a few extra sprinkles of delight thrown in for good measure including a pool, delicious food outlets, dedicated bar, showers and flushing loos just for starters!

Stay tuned for more info on how Springs is evolving in 2020 and how to get involved!