Top Tips for Families

Top Tips for Families

Thinking about making Boomtown a family affair? Here are our top tips for making your weekend go smoothly…

We pulled together a selection of most helpful tips for families coming to Boomtown - if you've got any more let us know on the Kidztown socials!

  • Be prepared! Though we have a dedicated gate for the family and accessibility car park please still be ready for potential queues.

  • You are welcome to bring pushchairs and buggies but please be aware we have a very hilly site so an all-terrain one is important.

  • Pick up a programme! This will update you on the storyline as well as all the goings on and timings of activities and music in Kidztown and the rest of the festival.

  • Ear defenders! When taking your children to any music stages these are advised. You can buy children’s ear defenders at the Kidztown office as well as Hi-Vis jackets for kids of all sizes.

  • Know what to do if you get separated. Show your kids what stewards look like in their hi-vis and tell them to present themselves to the nearest one if they get lost. White paper wristbands for children, for parents to write telephone numbers on can be picked up from the Family hub and Kidztown offices.

  • Bring ear plugs and anything else comfortable that might help you get a good night’s sleep. Although family camping is designed to be a bit further away from the main hustle and bustle, music does go on in some parts of the site until 4 am and festivals are inherently noisy environments so come prepared.

  • Wearing battery powered fairy lights is a great idea to help not to lose little ones at night time (and looks great!)

  • Be prepared for all weather eventualities! We’ve had blazing sunshine to torrential rain all the the same weekend before so make sure to pack those little wellies and waterproofs as well as sun cream and floppy hats.

  • Like all large festivals, Boomtown can be overwhelming for some children. If you are bringing teenagers who will explore the festival on their own please familiarise them with the layout and what to do if they find themselves lost or in need of help. Remember, you are legally responsible for anyone who enters the festival with you aged under 18.