Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Boomtown Carnival Outreach Projects

Boomtown has always been about sharing our passion for music and art with as many people as we can persuade to listen! In fact for the last 6years, through a series of outreach projects we’ve been on a mission to take that love for festivals, the carnival, community and creativity directly to people who haven’t had the chance to experience the magic and show them exactly what we’re talking about.

To inspire people early the Boomtown Outreach Projects, which have grown in size year-on-year,  are specifically created for children and young people (5-18 and their families!). Led by experts from the carnival and music world, they’re made up of a series of hands-on workshops that include dance, acrobatics, circus, music making, carnival crafts and costume design and radio production or film documentary skills. All of which are designed to inspire, teach new techniques, offer new experiences and ultimately foster a love for music and art.

To support our local communities the workshops take place in Winchester (home to the festival) and Bristol (where our head office is) in June-July.  Everyone is welcome and there is no experience required! If they spark a creative fire and they would like to, any families who attend the workshops are invited to showcase their new designs, artwork or dance skills at Boomtown itself, as part of the Sunday Carnival Parade.

2019 - Outreach Projects

This summer Boomtown has another packed schedule of carnival arts workshops, dedicated to providing fun and creative discovery!  All the workshops will tackle challenging environmental themes and give children the opportunity to find their voice and express themselves.  Plus, everyone who takes part are invited to come to Boomtown Festival with a free Sunday ticket and participate in the Sunday Carnival Parade (11th August 2019).

St Paul’s Adventure Playground - Saturday 13th July & Sunday 14th July 2019

All Bristol families are invited to come  and create and join us for a series of Carnival Arts Workshops, tackling environmental themes, exploring challenges and inspiring change!  taking place at St Paul’s Adventure playground. The workshops include two days of music & radio, dance, acrobatics and banner making.

For all our workshops booking is essential and tickets are allocated on a first come first serve basis.  If you have any questions or would like to contact the team directly, please email or call 07779 418115.    

Winnall Primary School, Winchester: Thursday 13th June & Friday 14th June

Boomtown is inviting pupils from Winnall Primary School to join us in a series of Carnival Dance, Acrobatics, Music, Radio & Film workshops and take part in an amazing opportunity to learn a dance and movement routine and perform it to an audience of 30,000 on one of Boomtown’s biggest stages, The Lion’s Den, as part of the Opening Show on Friday 9th August. For all information please download the full poster here

Key dates:

  • Thurs 20th June - Afterschool 3.30- 5.15pm
  • Thurs 4th July - Afterschool 3.30- 5.15pm
  • Thurs 11th July - Afterschool 3.30- 5.15pm

Winchester Discovery Centre: Saturday 27th July

All Hampshire families are invited to come and create for one day of carnival dance, radio & film and banner making workshops. They can also take part in an exciting opportunity to learn a specific dance and movement routine, which they will then be able to perform in the carnival at Boomtown. For all information please download the full poster here, and you can find all the necessary ticket information here.

2018 - Carnival Arts Workshops

To celebrate Boomtown’s tenth anniversary the Outreach Projects in 2018 went on a road trip to Bristol and Winchester with a programme packed full of Carnival Costume, Theatre and Dance, Music, and Radio production workshops. Helping us mark the festival’s milestone was Winnall Primary school who performed in the Opening Ceremony on the Lion’s Den Stage in front of 30,000 people and Winchester Discovery Centre and St Paul’s Adventure Playground families who took part in the Sunday Carnival Parade. A chance of a lifetime! Check out the video and get a feel for the vibe!

Music: Intro produced by Keshav Chandradath Singh (Jus Now) with Eva Lazarus and Koroleko Moussa Dembele,

Facilitators: Circus Zambia, Abi Kennedy and Tomasin Cuthbert Menes - costume, Radio Platfform, Theo Godson Company, Olivia Francis and Manuela Benini - dance.

Carnival groups and performers: Natasha Benjamin Hype dance Bristol, Paloma Styles -Cinco coco, Mahogany Carnival Arts, Jane Blackburn, Non Comprende, Sunshine International Arts , London School of Samba, Batala Portsmouth

With massive thanks to Mia Harris, Natalia Colville, Claire Horton, Luke Plaister, Mimi Clifford, Lizzie Hall, David Peverley, Andrea Greenwood and the carnival team for making it happen and Gary Thomas film and edit and footage from Clockwise and Hannah Tyson for this video.

What was said about us!

Winnall Primary School Parents on the Opening Ceremony

“Drums. Atmosphere. Inclusion of local children. Couldn't believe how receptive the crowd were to the kids on stage. The squad from Bristol were fantastic”

“Exciting. Overwhelming. Something she won’t ever forget”

“This was such a fantastic opportunity for the children of Winnall School. The school has a number of children who are not exposed to things that others in Winchester are. The link made with the school was a long lasting one and one that children have not forgotten.”

Winnall Primary School Teachers:

“The project was executed really well and I don’t feel like it needs to improve but just done more often because the children really enjoyed it!”

“The children enjoyed the workshops and brought enthusiasm back to the classroom”

Previous Carnival Workshops

  • 2018:  Winchester Discovery Centre 1 day carnival workshop, St Paul's Adventure Playground Bristol 2 day carnival workshops, Winnall Primary School Winchester 2 days dance and singing workshops.  (Bristol City Council Funded)
  • 2017: Winchester Discovery Centre 1 day carnival workshop, Naomi House music workshops with Boomtown favourite artists  Jus Now (Hampshire Council funded)
  • 2016: Winchester Discovery Centre 1 day carnival workshop, Naomi House music workshops with Jus Now, Bristol Trinity Centre 1 day workshop (Awards for All funded)
  • 2015: Winchester Discovery Centre 1 day carnival workshop ( Awards for All funded and Hampshire Council funded)
  • 2014: Winchester Discovery Centre - 2 day carnival and circus workshops (Arts Council funded)