Kaotik Kartel

Kaotik Kartel

Barrio Loco

Now that Bang Hai Industries has collapsed, Kaotik Kartel no longer has to exist in the shadows. After the events of Chapter 10 they no longer have to make money illicitly in the back streets of Barrio Loco. Having utilised AMI’s technology to take over the day to day running of business the Kartel are free to focus their attention on expanding their dancehall. On the surface this is a purely humanitarian effort sold as trying to give the people who they served and worked with a platform for artistic expression. The Kartel have opened their doors to the best talent from around the globe providing music and performance for the citizens of Barrio Loco and beyond. It has been sold as a safe space for the sharing of ideas. However have they really changed? Or is it a front for to make money out of the one thing which the android needs to maintain her control – information about the population. Has the Kartel used the opportunity that AMI is now running their business as an opportunity to expand their expertise and simply make the new boss their latest client?

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