Diss-order Alley

Bitten by cat goddess Bastet, these four felines transformed in late 2013 and are destined to stalk the mean streets of south London and pounce at any opportunity to purvey their purrrrfect pop punk about dogs, zombies, werewolves, monkeys in spaceships and Julian Assange, to a live audience.

These cats aren’t straight off the scratching post, they have been busy marking their territory. Bassist/ vocalist Pipcat has stalked her stuff in The Girlscouts, The Dakinis, Mika Bomb and The Blankheads. Cilcat (guitar/vocals) has played in The Pukes but there’s no cat sick or claws to contend with unless you’re a bogus builder or a jazz enthusiast. Mikecat (drums/backing vocals) has always been a night crawler and played in Soon The Darkness, Wives Of Seth, Rabies Babies and currently plays in Reptile Masters, though suspicions he is a lizard-alien are unfounded. Most recent member Sebcat plays for the legendary Zatopeks, and has also been spotted rocking in Paper Jets.

These felines put out their first album at the end of 2018! Destined For The Outside was released by legendary Household Name Records and is like catnip for the ears! And their music video for DOG (the track that spawned the album title) is a tribute to their furry friends.

Cat fights are bound to happen and The Werecats proved they were the wrong cats to be pestered by petty internet trolls; their own personal Princess Fuckface should be proud to be immortalised in song, and features on their seven inch vinyl entitled My Boyfriend’s A Werewolf, released on Europe’s best pop-punk label Monster Zero Records in 2016.

Kick out the kitty litter, the Werecats are here to stay!