Watch The Ride

Watch The Ride

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Watch The Ride is a brand new concept from Randall, DieMantle (DJ Die and Dismantle).  The project is about mixing the UK's rich rave culture heritage with cutting edge music and live performances

The three artists at the helm of this project are all innovators in their own right:

Randall's pedigree as a DJ is second to none, he is known as the person who inspired Andy C and is consistently called the DJs DJ. Randall was a spearhead for Jungle worldwide by always treading new ground musically and now his more relevant than ever with legions of new fans coming out to see The R in session.

DJ Die is seen as one of the most credible artists of this generation, he has released music on some of the most groundbreaking labels from Full Cycle to XL Recordings via Talkin Loud and presides over his GutterFunk record label, which has very much become a firm favourite with DJs and Ravers alike.

Dismantle has consistently broken boundaries with his productions, from arriving on the scene with massive acclaim to now making some of the finest music of his career, as a DJ he is incredibly exciting to listen to- weaving together electronic music together effortlessly.