Forest Parties

With the artistic drive to create music encoded into his DNA, Fernando Seca, became a revolutionary electronic music artist. When people use the name of an artist to describe a particular style of music, it's fair to say that this artist is pretty influential. WAIO achieved this status, re- inventing Psytrance numerous times, His mature style, and "outside of the box" approach to psychedelic trance music production, has gathered him a great deal of praise in the scene; being recognised as a prodigy of electronic music by many artists and labels alike.

Now with a solid 15+ years carer and severals releases on the main labels of electronic music where most of then were a solid TOP#1 on the charts, Fernando is taking music again to a next level. Pioneering the psychedelic Surround sound with his envisioned “Quadrasonic concept”, WAIO has a big influence on the electronic music scene world wide, with his visions blending diverse technology with cutting edge sound quality, elevating the experience of listening to electronic music.

Fernando is one of the few artists that keep the magic behind the music, focusing entirely on the musical quality and journey.