Uncommon Records ft Resist, Jim Bitch & Jago

Uncommon Records is all these things : Record Label : Festival Community : Social Project : Positive Vibration. This is where sonic realities morph and a new audio awareness awakens. Uncommon Records focuses on Jungle, Reggae, Drum & Bass and dancehall roots, with an aim to showcase incoming and guest producers alongside homegrown crew.

The common factor with all of these is a shared understanding that the music and the message are inextricably linked, as is the experience. They believe that music can heal, shape and positively affect everybody, and that the time on the dancefloor is the best medicine.

Representing Uncommon Records are Resist & Jim Bitch.  These largely unsung legends of Jungle & DNB are regulars on our ‘underground street raves’ but are also no strangers to our bigger stages such as Sector 6 and Scrapyard. They have also had us dancing at many other festivals, free parties and every kind of underground event for years but rather than chase celebrity and status they have thrived and continue to do so for the love of music and bringing people together.  Hosting their set will be Jago, stalwart of the sound system scene with his Unit 137 crew and a respected reggae artist in his own right.