UB40 ft. Ali Campbell & Astro

Lion's Den

This is UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro, both founding members and much loved vocalists for the original UB40. Ali left the other band in 2008 siting business management issues and was vindicated when said managers were struck off. Ali was then reunited with Astro when he left in 2013. They continue to make new music and tour as the two original singers with an incredible 8 piece reggae band.

The original line-up of UB40 with Ali and Astro enjoyed huge success since they kicked things off back in 1979, including number one albums and multiple top ten gold and platinum selling albums and Grammy nominations, four number ones worldwide and a total of seventy million plus sales.

In this 40th Anniversary tour, expect to hear all of the hits alongside these UK reggae pioneers’ latest take on the genre.  UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro have enjoyed lots of success with live touring and recorded music over the last few years, including top ten albums Silhouette and Unplugged and in 2018 they reached number two in the charts with the critically acclaimed A Real Labour of Love. They continue to tour the world and sell out arenas and festivals.

This performance will be signed.