The Outside Agency


The Outside Agency is a style unto itself. Delivering a perfect blend of dark and industrial elements at almost every conceivable speed, their DJ sets are a mirror image of their work as producers. Bringing hardcore in all its diversity, this duo’s unique blend of dark industrial hardcore will always be at the centre of the performance.

True dissidents within the hardcore scene, The Outside Agency have always had their own unique sound. The motivation to be different yet effective was already evident on the very first releases on Mokum in the late 90s. When hardcore suffered a drastic change in direction shortly thereafter, the two members of The Outside Agency (DJ Hidden & Eye-D) no longer felt that they could operate without restraint in the genre and started focusing their attention on drum & bass. Some years later hardcore had transformed yet again, and this time they were very pleased with the direction it had taken. They quickly started producing and playing hardcore again with renewed vigour.

After a string of successful releases on several international underground labels such as Black Monolith Records and Otaku Records they started up their own label Genosha Recordings, which is now widely seen as one of the most influential labels in underground hardcore. With their parallel success in drum & bass their production techniques and ideas, as well as their DJ-sets started, to flow over into one another more and more. This continued crossbreeding between drum & bass and hardcore ultimately led to the start of a sister label to Genosha: One Seven Five, a label aimed at hardcore/drum & bass crossbreeds. This label, which has seen The Outside Agency collaborate with some of the biggest names in hard drum & bass, became one of the most respected label of its kind almost overnight.