The Black Seeds

The Black Seeds

Lion's Den

Since 1998, vocals led by Barnaby Weir and Daniel Weetman have been the driving force behind expressing The Black Seeds message. Conscious lyrics convey personal triumphs and failures, relationships good and bad, and are underpinned by a constant optimism.T

The Black Seeds released their debut album Keep On Pushing in 2001, which despite a minimal marketing budget, went on to reach platinum sales in New Zealand. In 2004, the next album, On The Sun, added a heavy dose of funk and soul to the band’s characteristic dub/reggae sound for the first time. The album reached triple-platinum sales in New Zealand and included one of the band’s biggest singles to date ‘So True’, which was accompanied by a beautifully shot video that captured the essence of summer life at the bottom of the South Pacific. The third album, Into the Dojo, signaled the beginning of The Black Seeds introduction to the rest of the world after it was released by European label Sonar Kollektiv, garnering critical acclaim and airplay, particularly in Germany and France. The albums hit single,‘One By One’ was written by ex-band member and co-founder of Flight Of The Conchords Bret McKenzie, and was featured in AMC’s smash hit Breaking Bad and included on the show’s Official Soundtrack.

The Black Seeds first began making inroads into North America with the 2008 release of their fourth album Solid Ground through Easy Star Records. The album debuted in the top 15 of the Billboard reggae charts and was named Soul Album of the Year by's Dennis Cook. The Huffington Post called it "a damn fine record...thick, bottom-heavy, and melodic." The album was also supported by a successful U.S. tour with John Brown's Body. A live album(The Black Seeds Live: Vol 1) and 2nd remix album (Specials: Remixes and Versions from Solid Ground) followed before the release of 5th studio album, 2012’s Dust And Dirt. described it as "breaking barriers in the bestest of ways with it’s unique blend of funk with a reggae backbone." The album also received strong reviews in Europe, with Rolling Stone Germany heralding the group as "the best reggae band on the planet right now."

2017 saw the band continuing to push the boundaries of reggae with the release of their 6th studio album ‘Fabric’,featuring new guitarist Ned Ngatae and Francis Harawira on bass.The album, which included the hit single ‘’Better Days’’, reached the #3 spot on the Billboard Reggae Charts and was described by Clash Magazine as “abroad, vastly creative return..matching low-end weight against some mature, soulful songwriting.”

Overall the band’s six albums show The Black Seeds’ limitless creative energy for what it is -always progressing without compromising the soul of who they are, while remaining conscious of the world around them.But the band stresses that they focus a lot of energy on their live show. Weir says, "We've got our own specific South Pacific flavor that you wouldn't have heard before." If that's true, you're sure to hear it now, as The Black Seeds continue to reach new audiences the world over the same way they always have –by doing it their own way.