The 4’20’ Sound

The 4’20’ Sound

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Dedication, inspiration and collaboration are the terms that best describe The 4’20’ Sound. The ‘outernational’ collective consists of core members from Israel and France plus a team of enthusiasts who base themselves in Byron Bay, Australia. Through all the challenges of migration policies they have left their mark on Australia and the global Reggae scene by developing one of the biggest sound system movements in the Southern hemisphere.

About to embark on their first international tour, it is worth catching up The 4’20’ story so far because it is as unique as it is inspiring for any music lover or appreciator of culture. This is the story of how a man from Israel journeyed to the other side of the world, met with like-minded souls and found sanctuary, inspiration and enjoyment through the bringing together of people with music.

The 4’20’ Sound’s genuine passion and earnest approach to music was inspired by the traditional sound system culture of Jamaica and over the past decade this passion has generated substantial interest and growth to the cultural movement of Reggae in Byron.

Within their work we can see how they've united people through over 200 events that have seen over 100,000 smiling faces enjoying themselves in Byron. No mean feat when you consider the lack of any other substantial Reggae events in the area!