Diss-order Alley

Hardcore/Nu metal revival is more than alive and breathing, more accurately Nu metal has been dragged kicking and screaming into the new age by East Coast hardcore band, Tallah. With one self- released EP (No One Should Read This), the band has demonstrated their ability to create a montage of heavy hitting, chaotic riffs that form a cohesive story while generating loyal fans after trekking across the U.S in 2018.  Vocalist, and YouTube sensation, Justin Bonitz utilizes his range between operatic singing and filthy gutturals while Drummer, Max Portnoy is blast-beating his way through the headphones with massive percussive force. Ringing
and squealing guitars slam into the listeners ears with heavy bass riffs that grind to the bone on their five track EP, released in August 2018. Made up of five members, (Max, Justin, with Derrick Schneider and Eric Novroski on guitar, and Andrew Cooper on bass) Tallah brings wildly intense energy and theatric elements to their live performances leaving audiences concerned for the health of both themselves and the band members.