Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life

Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life

Diss-order Alley

Steve Ignorant is a singer/songwriter and co-founded the anarcho-punk band Crass with Penny Rimbaud in 1977. After Crass he sang with Conflict Schwartzenegger and Stratford Mercenaries. 

In 2013 he started Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life. It allows for the more contemplative side of Steve’s song-writing to reveal itself. Both personal and universal Slice of Life present ruminations from the bar stool honed on the late-night walk home.

Musically the band is built on an acoustic arrangement of piano guitar and bass. Having shed the punk noise that defined Crass Slice of Life retains the emotional impact and compassion that has long distinguished Steve’s work.

The band’s popularity has grown over the last couple of years which resulted in many new fans and rekindled the interest of many an older punk rocker.