Steph Magenta

Whistlers Green

The Breath as A Portal For Healing / Shamanism For Modern Times

Steph Magenta is a Certified Alchemy of Breath Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher for Alchemy of Breath, licensed bodywork therapist and shamanic practitioner.

She has lived a full and adventurous life, often falling short of other people’s expectations! Steph really walks her talk as a woman who has turned her lead into gold, and from the shadows of addiction and struggle, her strength was born. She has worked extensively with plant medicines, shamanism and the breath to create lifelong healing, and she invites others to do the same and become the Master of their own life experiences.

Her work focuses on the three pillars of the Breath, Meditation and Mindset Coaching, and all of her practice upholds an embodied, grounded, approach to health and longevity.

She is also an international retreats and events leader.

Workshop - The Breath as A Portal For Healing: Shamanic Aspects of Breathwork: Discover How Breathwork Can Return Lost Aspects Of The Soul.

Using Breathwork as form of soul retrieval, join me as we journey into all aspects of mind body and spirit using our most natural resource, the breath. No drugs, no fancy gadgets, just breathe and let go as we discover that we are truly the creators of our own destiny. As Wim Hof would say “get high on your own supply” and let that be the breath!

Workshop - Shamanism For Modern Times: A Shamanic Drum Journey To Re-Connect with Body, Mind & Soul.

Shamanism offers us the opportunity to develop a deep and lasting relationship with nature, the body and our experience of being human, yet being extra-ordinary at the same time. Shamanic traditions recognise that it’s not possible to harm nature without harming ourselves, and that what we believe and the choices we make create our experience of life as we know it. Together we will journey using the shaman’s drum as a tool for self mastery.