Diss-order Alley

Spanner have been mixing politics and pleasure since around 2000, and they aim to still be at it when it’s time for dancing on the ruins of the empire. They're taking bookings for the after party now! Playing militant, ska’d up punk, they hope to inspire both dancing and direct action.

We play militant, ska’d up punk that’s not just for entertaining “alternative” consumers or being part of the illusion of rebellion. Punk for us has to be more than noise and more than a hairdo. We want punk and punks to be part of a community in opposition and resistance to this murderous system which leaves everything it touches damaged or dead. We know that with our creativity and determination we can make a new world, and punk is about doing it now! We’d also very much like our music to strike fear into the hearts of capitalists, cops, bosses and politicians everywhere… if only they could hear the words!