Forest Parties

Sinerider is producer Daniel M Thomas, originally inspired by Psychedelic Trance at the beginning of the millennium. Years of research into production technique and musical trends is obvious in his sound. He combines melodic composition with groovy psychedelic noises, each arranged with beauty and style. 

In June 2014 Sinerider presented "Pure Tones". The highly anticipated full length release which will blast sound systems worldwide this summer and beyond. This epic collection of choice cuts from the man himself delivers smooth yet hard hitting psytrance carefully executed, each one with its own identity. Collaborations with Sonic Species, Materia, EEon and Criptik are amoung some solid Sinerider solo tracks and a remix of Rinkadink's Blaster "Anyone seen Bender?"

Emerging onto the world circuit again this year. With his new album and some serious VA releases coming up later this year. Sinerider is locked on and loaded to blast.