Seas of Mirth


Seas Of Mirth are a sizeable crew with a varying sound marinated in maritime, having caused a ruckus throughout the UK and mainland Europe over this decade.  Think folk instruments, worldly rhythms, prog rock-esque adventurousness and sea-based song concepts. Expect plenty of nautical stupidity and theatrics at this high-energy live show!

As well as a hip flask of rum at all times, Seas Of Mirth have two full-length albums under belts, plus two EPs. The third album 'Submarine Dreams' is well in the works, and is inspired by the deep ocean. Progress is unfurling to bring these songs to life onstage at Boomtown this year, in a sensory and visual sense too. Without giving a phat lot away - YOU, are in for a treat.

The ’Mirth are regular festival stalwarts, perhaps (in)famously known for a tug of war in the crowd during performances. Founding member and guitarist/vocalist Cannonball Paul describes the show as “like The Flaming Lips, but with less budget”.  Aquatic havoc shall prevail.