Ruby Rose

Whistlers Green

Yoga Nidra

When Ruby Rose discovered the deliciousness of yoga nidra she immediately fell in love with its poetry and the invitation to journey deep within. She knew in her heart right away it was a path which would lead her to uncover rich inner treasures. And it has! Ruby Rose is passionate about sharing yoga nidra. Creating each nidra is a delicious process that draws on the imagination and connection to spirituality. Ruby loves to weave together music song and connection to nature to lull people into a blissful yogic sleep. In yoga nidra while the body experiences deep rest the mind is free to explore: we are invited to experience the truth of who we really are. Ruby lives in Bristol with her beautiful son Tom and her two cats Salty and Tinsel.

An invitation to experience deep rest for the body while the mind journeys within. Lie down snuggle up and get comfy for a magical musical yoga nidra to nourish the soul. Experience the truth of who you really are.