Rubarb Theatre


Rhubarb Theatre - 3 different family shows

The Bookworms

Wriggling their way in and out of trouble, The Bookworms pop-up to bring their stories to life!

With a rickety handcart library and some novel ideas, surprises leap off the page wherever they roam. Join our funny guides as they worm their way into twisty and fantastic adventures through imaginative worlds. Due to popular demand Rhubarb Theatre returns with this fun and fantastic festival show.

3 Suitcases

A fantastical and funny festival show about 3 quirky characters that meet by chance at a train station. Where is the train? Will it arrive? As time tick-tocks onwards the 3 accidental companions become more and more playful, passing the time in adventurous and exciting ways –
who knows what might happen next? Full of mime, physical theatre, music and fun, this is a slapstick Rhubarb Theatre street-treat for all the family!

The Good Knights

THE GOOD KNIGHTS are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest hilarious walk-about characters and they’ll be cantering into Kidztown daily!

These knights in ‘polished’ armour are here to help any unsuspecting passers-by, but with so many good deeds to be done! - Hear ye, hear ye, hangeth out thy banners, filleth up thy tankards and with thy mightiest of voices shout hurrah! Our brave and dashing heroes-on-horseback THE GOOD KNIGHTS are here to save the day, whether you liketh it or not. Armed with their trusty dusters, litter pickers and shaketh-&-vac, our courteous gents are ready to please and their quest is to help you!!!