Rita Lynch

Diss-order Alley

Rita Lynch is an English singer-songwriter who achieved a major profile in the UK the early 1990s and was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary, filmed as part of the Out series. Her music has been used in a Channel 4 drama, Rosebud and in British horror movie, Vampire Diary. Her sound has been described as PJ Harvey meets at the Drive-In with a dose of the usual dark ambience that accompanies most Bristol releases.

She retains a devoted following today and continues to record and perform. Her live performances currently feature a three-piece line-up with Mike Youe and John Langley ( Blue Aeroplanes, Witness, The Mekons, Strangelove, Saturation Point) on drums. She is also known for her time as backing singer and guitarist with cult Bristol band, The Blue Aeroplanes.

In 2009, Bristol and Bath entertainment magazine Venue described Lynch as 'the personification of ferocious conviction'!