Rita Hraiz

Whistlers Green

Are you feeling lost, anxious or uncentered these days? / Wanting to expand consciousness and feel connected?

Rita Hraiz has worked around the world for the past fifteen years holding retreats and courses on how to reconnect people to themselves and the divine source. She uses her shamanic work and knowledge of teachings to support individuals in making a pilgrimage back to themselves, by showing them how to put their roots deep into the earth and make strong community connections. Her work has helped many people find their purpose, improve their self-worth and gain a sense of wellbeing.

She will be giving two talks at Boomtown this year and opening the festival with a ceremony on the Lion’s Stage at mid day on Friday.

Workshop: Are you feeling lost, anxious or uncentered these days?

Rita Hraiz Shamanic Wisdom Keeper will offer Tools and Tips to help you get aligned connected clear and motivated.

This workshop will give you key tools in clearing blockages that lead to anxiety, unworthiness and holding your self small - all are welcome this will be a power realignment to the source of your creativity.

Rita at BOOMTOWN  is launching a completely free fully empowering 4 week online course for people between 16 - 25  who are feeling in any way worried, lost and anxious depressed and or out of control in their lives.

Workshop: Wanting to expand consciousness and feel connected?

Know the differences between taking drugs and and working with power plant teachers, come and be inspired informed and have a look where we are headed in this new Epoch.   

We are entering a new epoch and new time and most people are looking to expand consciousness through taking drugs - however this often amplifies any underlying neurosis and can even be dangerous falling into a loop of suppressing important feelings and can lead to addiction and depression.

Rita Hraiz will offer a strong insights into how different drugs affect us and touch upon our ability to evolve as humanity as well has giving you a comprehensive understanding about the Plant Teachers/ Medicines available from the Amazon and around the world and their purpose in this time.