Riskee and The Ridicule

Diss-order Alley

Riskee and The Ridicule are a tour-de-force of politics, protest and punk that rest among the motives of The Clash with relentless streams of wit, literacy and observational accuracy akin to The Smiths and the influence of the UK Grime scene. When it’s all brought together, this quintet produce their own unique and ferocious “Grime-Punk” sound.

Full of fierce energy, the Kent quintet have been making big waves nationwide and around Europe since the release of their debut album in 2014, Dawn Of The Dog. The release of 2017’s Blame Culture propelled them even further with a hectic festival schedule, headline tours and a tour down the east coast of America rounding off the album’s era. Truly a DIY band “for the people, by the people” the band are now gearing up for their new album release, Body Bag Your Scene (due in spring 2019), with their own pledge campaign that sees the fans having a direct input and piece of the release.

Riskee and The Ridicule are establishing themselves as an unstoppable live band who are not to be missed. Utilising a sound full of fun and hooks with choruses that will have their ever-growing, dedicated and raucous crowds screaming the words back at them at every show