Papa Gumbo

Papa Gumbo

AREA 404

Inspired by years of involvement in the free party movement, Papa Gumbo started spinning records himself and in 1995 founded the T.R.A. (Takeno Republican Army) benefit sound system, that alongside the parties, managed to raise funds for various worthwhile projects.

After traveling south, the T.R.A. joined forces with the Tribe of Locust and Sh'boodle sounds, where they spent many years organizing Free parties across Europe, alongside the likes of Desert Storm, 

KernelPanik, Total Resistance and many more.

 In 2006 the first Freekuency Festival was born, where Papa Gumbo remains to this day a valuable part of the crew, and continues to knock out packed Dancefloors, with a blend of Dancehall, Drum'n'Bass, 

Acid Techno and Dubwizey jungle.

He now resides in Spain producing his own material and has become a regular guest on Renegade Radio.