Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra


Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra plays deep rooted traditional ska spiced up with some Hungarian and Balkan flavour to the music, that is fine tuned with reggae and dancehall riddims and jazzy melodies. They shows no compromise between tradition and swing, the live energy of the band is legendary. PASO has played more than 1000 shows in 22 countries since 2003: from Spain to Ukraine the band floods parties with sweeping energy, a truely unique experience!

History and discography:

Formed in 2003, Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra played countless concerts in Budapest clubs cheered by an ever growing local crowd. As years passed by the band has crystallized form and style eventually finding itself leading a ska revival from Hungary to the European stages. In 2005 they have signed up with Megalith Records (the leading US ska label that manages most of today’s leading ska bands around the world). Their first album the ’Budapest Ska Mood’ came out at the label in the same year. ’BSM’ was followed by the ’Babylon Focus’ EP and the ’Biblical 7” vinyl’ single in 2007. That year also saw the 2nd PASO album ’The Return of the Pannonians’, wich was followed by ’Feel the Riddim’ in 2009, and a double album ’Lovemonster’ in 2012. The 2nd disc of the double album was the debut album of PASO’s dub-reggae project PASO’s Roots Rockers ’Lost in Space’ mixed in Sao Paolo, Brazil by the legendary, latin grammy winning American producer and bass player Victor Rice. Lovemonster was followed by a ’Best Of vinyl’ LP in 2014 and the ’Ghost Train’ CD and vinyl LP in 2016 and 2017. Ghost Train had an own special IPA craft beer, which was taken to a next step later: PASO’s 2018 single ’As One’ was released on the label (downloadable by a QR code) of the bottle of PASO’s double IPA. 2020 saw the release of the Travelling man EP which is a musical journey and adds afrobeat and bossa nova to PASO’s ska and reggae mix.  

PASO is also keen on experiencing and breaking down musical boundaries. The band was joined by the Hungarian National Radio’s Symphonic Orchestra several times and in 2012 they also played a full lenght symphonic show with them as the first non-classical band in the world famous Budapest venue, the Palace of Arts. All symphonic arrangements were done by PASO members.

Recently in 2018 the band also presented the PASO Big Band a 21 piece band with more swing, jazz and funk arrangements.

It’s also worth mentioning that the PASO lyrics condemn discrimination and while taking stands on social issues, the band retains its jolly, fun-loving attitude, which makes the audience run wild with broad grins on their faces. Come join the PASO experience!

Live references:

PASO started touring Europe from the start and by now played all around the continent at such eventes as: Lowlands Festival (the Netherlands), Pop Komm (Germany), Sziget Festival (Hungary), Pole Pole Beach Festival (Belgium), Iboga Festival (Spain), London International Ska Festival (UK), Donau Insel Festival (Austria), This is Ska Festival  (Germany), Mighty Sounds Festival (Czech Republic), EXIT Festival (Serbia),  X-mas Ska Festival (Italy), Roots Dans la Vallée (France), Hodokvas Festival (Slovakia), Easter Ska Jam (Denmark), Unterhund – Culture of Slovenia (Slovenia), Celebration of Music Festival (Greece), Ska is Dead (Switzerland), Electric Castle (Romania), X-treme3 Music Fest (Ukraine), Skaville Festival (Croatia), Olsztyn festival (Poland), Showcase Festival PIN (Macedonia), Tramore Ska Festival (Ireland) and many more…

Bands with whom PASO played with:

The Beastie Boys, the Skatalites, Gogol Bordello, Jimmy Cliff, Serj Tanakian, Bad Manners, Alborosie, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, the Toasters, Russkaja, Kocani Orkestar, Besh O’ Drom, Dr. Ring-Ding, Victor Rice, King Django, Mr. T-Bone, Palya Bea, Trojan Sound System, Stranger Cole, Keith & Tex, Dubioza Kollektiv, Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation, the Upsessions and countless more…