Whistlers Green

Ecstatic Dance w/ OSARA & Pang Orchestra (live)

A safe, held and sacred space for you to dance, move, release, connect within and with others, and express yourself through dance and movement.

After discovering conscious dance in 2014, OSARA went on to establish himself as an Ecstatic Dance DJ in 2017. Taking influence from underground and shamanic dance music, African drumming and sacred sound, OSARA creates incredibly deep, powerful and uplifting Ecstatic Dance journeys inspired by the wisdom of Mother Nature and the healing power of dance!

He has a residency at Ecstatic Dance UK (London) and is a regular DJ at the most well know conscious dance events and festivals around the UK including; Buddhafield, Colourfest, Awakening the Wild, Adventures in Bass and Vitality, among others.

He works with Ecstatic Dance International (California) and is the founder of Ecstatic Dance Bristol (UK) -  Bristol’s first and only Sunday morning Ecstatic Dance. He has recently become an apprentice with the School of Movement Medicine.

Over the course of the last 11 years Chris Baron has established himself as a talented and original musician playing the Swiss-made Hangs, Gubal, Urgu, Hang-Bal, Hang Balus and the Pang Strings. These newly developed instruments form part of what is known as the Pang Orchestra and the Balu Band. This Pang Orchestra is the only one that currently exists in the world. All of the instruments are created by PANArt - the inventors and original makers of the Hang.

Ecstatic Dance is free-form dance. It’s a movement meditation which brings together awareness of mind, body, heart and soul through dance, movement and expression. Ecstatic Dance is a safe, held and sacred space for you to dance, release, express and connect with yourself and others. It can be fun, deep, uplifting, liberating and so much more. It takes place over a 2 hour live DJ set and ends with a relaxing sound bath.

What to bring

- loose-fitting clothes that let you move your body and free yourself

- water and water bottle

- a blanket / yoga mat to lay down on for the sound bath

- an open heart

We welcome little ones and teenagers to our workshop. Please note, this is a workshop aimed at adults - it will be busy and the music will be loud (in the dance space) so please bring ear protection for your little ones. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.